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Logan Watkins

Nov. 15, 2007 @ 1:59 p.m. by Jeff Lutz

When I saw Logan Watkins playing baseball with Goddard this spring, he struck me as a little bit cocky. This isn’t exactly a criticism — when I played baseball, I was usually the most cocky player on the field and about the seventh or eighth best. Watkins can back up his swagger because he’s pretty awesome at baseball, as evidenced by the fact that he has signed with Wichita State.

I don’t really know if cockiness helps you as a baseball player, but I know it helps Watkins on the football field. He’s a little small to play quarterback in the rough AV-CTL, but don’t tell him that. He’s the best player I’ve seen this season not necessarily because of what he has done on the field, but because when you watch him, you can tell losing is unacceptable. He just won’t lose and he can will his team to victory, much like he did last week against Junction City.

Watkins isn’t a refined passer — he’ll never put up big numbers staying in the pocket. But he knows his limitations and he knows, more importantly, what he does well — run. He’s shifty and quick, so he can make a big gain out of what appears to be a busted play. He’s the perfect quarterback for the style of play coach Roger Robben prefers.

He’s also a good quote — a “go to” quote, and there aren’t many of those in high school sports. The last personal one I remember is Dupree  Lucas, a Southeast basketball player. I don’t know if Goddard has quite enough to beat Hutchinson on Friday. But the Lions have a leader in Watkins, and that just might be enough to get past the Salthawks.

  • Tommy2gloves

    Best player you have seen this season? I’d take Dold in a heartbeat!

  • Bob

    Watkins is a stud at football but three times better at baseball. He’s the kind of player that makes the other guys on the team better.

  • Austin

    Never seen him play but from this article and from what my friends tell me who go to goddard he is one heck of an athlete, a kid who can build his team and himself at the same time is rare

  • RikRok

    He literally beat Salina Central by himself.

  • The terminator

    Dold is only good because he plays in 3A. he is in for a shock when he shows up to practice at k-state.

  • Seen both Logan’s play

    Here is what I saw and all I need to evaluate both, Dold is much more a power runner that can cut as well, Watkins is quicker but much easier to bring down.

    Dold is a leader and a team builder, Watkins is more self centered, (cocky) as demonstrated by scoring touchdowns and hardly anyone conratulates him… In particular, his TD run at NW…. he scores and only 1 player on the field or sidelines slaps hands…. That speaks volumes!

    I would take em both though…. The coaches shouldn’t allow Watkins to be “the man” He should be a guy who helps his team win…. Unfortunate… Dold will have his eyes opened at K-state, and from what I’ve seen, will close a few too as he get’s better!

    Good luck to all three local teams as they go for State this weekend..

    Andale — Should win..
    Goddard — End of the road
    Garden Plain — Will win.. BIG!

  • GOT-HIS#

    Apparently this fella can’t do it all and did allow his team to get beat. Let’s not forget Maize’s OT win over Goddard with a well-executed game plan that Goddard players and Robben weren’t expecting. Don’t pretend that Goddard doesn’t have 2 losses this season, blogger. There are many great athletes in and around the city that don’t revert to cockiness. The most impressive athletes let their abilities speak for themselves and gain the greatest respect from others.

  • http://Question GS

    Let’s remember that both of these kids are just that – KIDS. I wonder if any of these negative responses are just old fat guys who never played sports or were not good at them if they did. What both these kids do is really hard and not many of us in the world can do it – so stop the negative comments and remember what your mothers used to say – If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • Thanks!

    Can somebody tell the people that write these blogs that its not turkey day yet so they shouldn’t be on vacation yet… where have all the blogs gone to?

  • dale

    you people obviously dont know him. as a teammate of his i love the kid to death and so does the rest of the team. cocky is the worst word to describe him. he puts so much pressure on himself for our team and he should be respected statewide for that. dont judge a kid you dont know, because character and moral-wise he’s one of the best. ex. good grades, no partying what so ever. overall good kid. any chance you get go introduce yourself to him and talk to him because you’ll be nothing short of impressed.

  • kjhkjhkhkj


  • kjhkjhkhkj

    wow. thats ridiculous. he wouldnt say anything like that. you must have unbelievable ears. the maize players were in a mob and didnt even shake the goddard players hands in the first place. i know logan as well and i can assure you that was never said

  • ssssss

    i second that

  • KATS

    For anyone to make a statement that Logan W. is cocky is ridiculous. They obviously don’t know him. Logan is a very humble person. After watching Logan for several years participate in a variety of sports this is the first year I have actually seen him show as much emotion as he has ever. He is the last person I would say is “cocky”. All he wants to do is play, do his best, and win.
    Good Luck to you Logan…

  • KATS must LOVE Logan

    I would understand Logan’s GF saying something like that to defend her beloved…. Actions speak louder than words….


    KATS must LOVE Logan you should just go jack yourself. i play football with logan and the kid is in the least bit cocky

  • KATS must LOVE Logan

    Logan will be lucky to see the field at WSU… Remember the stud from Bishop Carroll a few years ago. I thought you wouldn’t… Never cut the mustard. I think he works at Mickey D’s super sizing it.

    He had a big head like watkins too….. same stats small in size and all “I” in team…….

    Time will tell…

    Good luck Goddard in 2008… 3-5 no playoffs!

  • GOT-HIS#

    I’m sure Logan has his good traits and obviously he’s a terrific athlete. Remember, it was the initial blogger who called him cocky from his or her observations of watching Logan in action. Logan is responsible for his behavior as all of us are, regardless of age. It just detracts from any individual (and reflects on the team) especially in the sports arena when an athlete has exceptional God-given talent and chooses to flaunt it. What purpose does that really serve?

  • DOLD is KING

    Read it Sunday and congratulate accordingly…… GP will ge their first championship over a solid Silver lake squad…..

    Dold will CARRY the load and pass if need be. You’ll be reading about him in 5 years from now, you probably will not hear about Watkins and his self serving attitude.

    Good luck all! Go Hutch, Andale GP and BC… pretty strong region huh!

  • Watkins Athlete

    Logan is my cousin. He is an athlete. Ever since we was little he has always been a great athlete. He is the exact opposite of cocky. All you people just can’t take the fact that he is so good at football and baseball that you have to find something to say about him. He just wants to win. He is a leader and a good teammate. Anybody would want him on their team. I would pick him before anybody for my team i know thats for sure.

  • Glion_06

    Seriously this is getting out of control I don’t understand people that put a person down just because they are a good athlete. You guys don’t even know him. He is not cocky and he works just as hard if not harder than anyone out there on the field. I have played with this kid all through high school and he has helped me so much. He stays after to throw balls and is there everyday during the summer while traveling for baseball. I don’t understand Dillion why you have such a problem with him why the hell are you one here talking about it. If you have a problem why don’t you go talk to him. You are a joker and I think that you are just jealous cause he will 10X the athlete you will ever be. Seriously if you are not on the field with him then don’t judge him.

  • logansbestfriend

    you people have lives ? some of u guys are grown men talking about logan, i hope you guys feel good about your selves. it is just jealousy, i know real well cocky is not even in the picture so everyone needs to shut the hell up about that, logan is a well mannered kid and deserves everything he has accomplished through out his future, and nobody should be talking about jessica and how he is reacting to that. logan deserves every right to be at wichita state, everyone of you people here are fake why cant you say any of this stuff to logan to his face, instead your hiding behind a dam computer that is real proffessional !

  • logansbestfriend

    and all you people on here probably know who i am but i can careless, you should not be talking about a 17 yr old kid and trying to affect his future like your trying to do right now on this bull shit board or whatever you cool guys want to call it !.

  • joke

    what a joke….. have fun losing next year too!

  • rj

    As a former coach and teacher of Logan, I will tell you that he is one of the most humble and gracious student-athletes I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. Logan may come across as stand-off-ish because he doesn’t do a lot of celebrating or cheerleading, but he just doesn’t want to bring attention to himself. He fully understands that he is only part of a bigger team (which is full of terrific kids) and is the first person to praise everyone but himself. If only people would take the time to get to know him and where he comes from, they would see a kid that has been raised to work hard, study hard, and be humble. Many parents like to go crazy flaunting their child’s acomplishments, but in the years that I’ve known Logan’s parents they have never came remotely close to bragging on their son’s accomplishments.

    Logan is an All-American kid that is exactly what we need more of, and it’s a shame that people would bash on him without getting to know him.

  • my goodness gracious

    You may go to state next year, Hutch will go to 5A… Logan is a solid athlete from what it seems, maybe their is some truth to some comments…. Oh well, on to basketball…… then baseball… Logan Dold was truely a better performer that carried his team, and made them better.

  • GHSxc07

    Logan is a great athlete… pretty good guy went to school with him for three years… he is definitely a kid that his teammates look up to him and rally behind… looking forward on seeing him in the WSU athletic program next year.

  • TJ Vegas

    A) Dold took his team to a state title in 4A. They didn’t have to play against Hutchinson, the best team in the state of Kansas. 6A is a whole different animal than 4A.

    B) Basing Watkins’ personal life into his athletic ability is low and immature. He is a great person/teammate who I have the upmost respect for.
    - Talking about a 17 year old kid behind his back is pretty tough. Talk to his face to face like an adult and then post.

  • Dan C.

    “Dold took his team to a state title in 4A.”

    Try 3A….

  • TJ Vegas

    That’s even worse.

  • cubbieswin

    where is logan dud now?? is he still in a back up position…… if you get a chance try googeling logan watkins 

  • cubbieswin

    logan dold is not closing any eyes at all. actually he has turned out to be a great waterboy!!! watkins is 2 steps frm the big leagues. maybe dold can come back and play for puetz ? whoops i guess they are both washed up. sorry