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Starting up Basketball

Nov. 29, 2007 @ 4:35 p.m. by Jeff Lutz

If you heard Ron Allen on Sports Daily this morning (a shameless plug for my father’s radio show), you heard him say that the City League might be as deep and athletic as it has been in many years. Checking out the rosters of the league’s boys teams this season, Allen might be right.

As far as sheer athleticism goes, Jordan Cyphers, Garrius Holloman and Chris Harper are flat-out studs, but they can all play basketball pretty well, too. So can Terry Webb, Brandon Walker, Dorrian Roberts, Adonis Gantt, Cortez Barnes, Leon Flowers, Marky Nolen….many, many others, those are just the ones off the top of my head. There will be a lot of really good games in the City League this year, including two pretty good ones tonight in Northwest-East and South-Heights.

But that’s just the boys. The City League should be pretty stocked on the girls side, too, with Heights, South, Carroll and Kapaun all contenders for the league title. The Heights-South girls game should provide an early indication of which is the team to beat this year.

Some top area boys teams include: Wichita Trinity, McPherson, Collegiate, Wellington and Andover. On the girls side, it’s McPherson, Derby, Andover, Andover Central, Garden Plain, Smoky Valley and Hesston.

Which team are you most looking forward to watching this season?

  • jackhartman

    Man the goddard/mac score suprised me. I thought goddard had quite a bit coming back and that Mac lost some to graduation. What happened to eureka, almost lost by 70.


    Come on Wichita Eagle, you guys need to step up with updating this site. Johanna did a great job, get up to her level.

  • Waiting

    Are you going to print a composite schedule of all the games in the area?

  • I’ll give you to the count of 3

    Your asking to much…

  • Waiting

    I know, but they have always done it in the past. :)

  • 1….

    You should try something new to dress this crap up… maybe shut the whole thing down, that would be an improvement.

  • Catbackerksu

    The Wichita Eagle’s coverage of high school sports and especially the web site is horrible. What information there is, is completely unorganized under virtually random headings. Many times you can’t tell from the heading what sport the article is covering. Box scores are usually hidden under some headline for one teams results. For real COMPLETE and ORGANIZED coverage of an areas teams check out the Topeka Capital Journal’s prepzone page. Complete schedules/scores/rankings all in one convenient location. And their high school preview issue was awesome. To bad the states largest city’s newspaper can do something close for their area.

  • 2….

    Thanks for the info, i’ll check out the Topeka Capital Jornal.