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Coaching deaths

Jan. 28, 2008 @ 8:36 p.m. by Joanna

I was stunned to read of the death of East soccer coach Mike Anderson (click here) on Jan. 14. He was only 56 and he had a brief illness. (Sorry I’m commenting on these deaths so late. Again, I was on leave.)

Mike was a longtime soccer coach, and someone I talked to fairly often. I know the soccer community is definitely mourning his death.

Ed Kriwiel’s death was less surprising, but no less sad. When I first came to Wichita in 1996, my then-co-worker Duane Frazier told me before going to cover my first City League girls golf meet — Just look for Eddie Kriwiel. He’ll help you out.

Sure enough, he did. I never thought of him as Eddie as the long-timers did, but I always appreciated his kindness and quick smile. He was always willing to do an interview, too.

Feel free to treat this as a place to put your memories. I know we had a place to post thoughts on Ed Kriwiel’s death on Kansas.com shortly after he died, but maybe you didn’t get a chance. I’d love to hear thoughts on Mike Anderson, too.

One of the worst parts of this job is writing obituaries because it’s so sad. I’ve written many in my time, including the deaths of young coaches, young athletic directors. It’s tough to write, but I so enjoy hearing people talk about all the wonderful memories they have of those people.

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