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Sad night in hoops

Feb. 26, 2008 @ 1:38 p.m. by Joanna

by joanna

Don’t know if you saw this, but we just posted it on Kansas.com. This is the tough part of sports, when there’s such sadness.

I tend to get annoyed with people who use the phrase “This puts life into perspective; sports really don’t mean that much.” I feel that way because I believe it’s overused. At the same time, it’s true. Winning or losing doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot when you see a young kid has died.

But I do believe in the power of sports, that sports helps us get through difficulties such as this. Think those kids tonight will feel a little better, that they were playing for their friend? I bet so. Remember how, after 9/11, that sports helped us heal. Same happened after Hurricane Katrina.

Good luck to those Valley Falls kids. This won’t be easy. At least they have each other.

  • Austin

    I have always felt have a way of connecting people. The money, houses, and cars have no place during the game its just a group coming together for one common goal. There are some unseen forces during a ball game of any kind. When I talk sports with my homies we usually can find a common ground to stand on. We dont like the same teams in the same sports but thats okay, we find something to agree on anyway. I completly agree with you.

  • What the hell

    Okay, seriously, this is the lamest article I have ever read. How the heck, did sports help us heal after September 11th. What, we watched a huge flag ceremony out on the baseball field…come on, that’s not healing. Hurrican Katrina, what, all the homeless people stayed at the Astro Dome…sorry, their homes still aren’t built and I don’t think those wounds are healed. The fact is sports are sports. We can be entertained by them, and while it may be symbolic for teammates to play in their friend’s honor, that doesn’t bring him back…and what if they lose? Maybe if you cited a specific example citing specific ways that sports helped individuals or this country heal, your article would be more legitimate.

  • Greg

    To What the H: It’s fine if you disagree with the perspective. Sports helped a lot of people heal, just as it did after JFK and WWII, by giving many of us a sense of normalcy. A sense of safety in entertainment. Nothing brings someone back, but living in a good memory of someone, nothing wrong with that. I would want my friends and family to play on, party on, have a BBQ when I die. That’s how I live… surrounded by sports, friends, and good cooking. It’s a passion that many share, and I hope they HONOR me by doing exactly what I would be doing if I were there.

    Respectfully disagree with your assessment that sports didn’t help heal. Yes, the houses aren’t built in N.O., but thankfully, sports can bring a spotlight to that effort, and has. Has it done the total job, no. Should it be expected to? No.