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By: J. Long

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see No. 5 in the backfield for East this season. Instead of rocking that, Bryce Brown will rock the No. 11 jersey this year. The change came as a tribute to his older brother Arthur who will wear that number at Miami this season. The switch to 1-1 is a year premature actually. Bryce was going to wear No. 32 this season, the number Arthur wore at East, but the Aces ordered new uniforms and don’t have a number 32. They both plan to wear No. 11 at Miami, which is legal because one is on offense and one is on defense.

If you missed it in the paper this morning, here’s the story of the 9-year-old that is so much better than his peers in a baseball league in New Haven, Conn., that they won’t let him pitch. This was hilarious to me. Especially the part where he gets on the mound in a game and the other team just packs it up and leaves. Really. Is that what you want to tell your kids as a coach. If you don’t think you can compete, just pack your stuff and go home. Actually it reminds me of a similar situation that happened to one of my little league teams. When I was playing in a 11-and-12 league my team, the Reds, were the class of the league. The first game of the season we beat the Padres by some outlandish amount. We beat them so bad, at the next practice we were given new schedules that had asterisks by the game where we were supposed to play the Padres. The asterisks were to represent the games forfeited to the Reds by the Padres. We never let them live that down.

Down goes Costa. Oregon QB Nate Costa will miss 8-10 weeks due to a knee injury. Justin Roper has been assigned starting duties for this Saturday, however, expect to see Chris Harper get some PT as well.

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  • bbfan

    The 9 year old baseball player story is unreal. I talk alot of crap these days about how kids are (don’t blame the kids though, its parents doing) so soft and are treated like babies now days. But even so, I NEVER DID ACTUALLY THINK THIS DAY WOULD REALLY HAPPEN! A kid not being allowed to play because he throws too hard! That would be like not letting a kid play football because he hits the other kids to hard. Or couldnt play basketball because he could score every time he got the ball. You’ve seriously got to be kidding!!!! I would like to know what coach or parent would sit there and tell they’re child or kids they were coaching “hey guys Joe Smith is pitching tonight and he is just to good so we are not even gonna take the field for this game!”. And then to tell him he cannot even play in the league anymore. WOW!.

  • coach

    i coached a little league football team in the city league for 7 yrs and in that time we had 6 different occasions when teams did not even play us because they knew they had no chance of winning. i always thought that was pretty crappy. they were right,they had no chance of winning or even competing but i always wondered what they told there players and what about the parents.i would have never let my son play for a team like that.

  • G

    Congrats Huldon Tharp, I look forward to watching you at KU!

  • former coach

    You sound pretty arrogant. Maybe, you were the reason they didn’t want to play you. It sounds like your perspective on what little league sports is all about is questionable at best. I’ve coached at every level from little league to high school, won two state championships and I don’t know if I would want to play one of your teams.

  • http://varsitykansas.com J Long

    Here’s the thing I really want to know. So what happens when All-Star’s comes around? Does he get to pitch then? If so, you can’t keep this kid off the mound and then just throw him up there. That’s not cool.

  • former coach

    J Long:
    I still don’t think we have a full understanding of the situation. I think there are two questions that have to be answered.
    1) I read that this is a developmental league. Are there other leagues in this town that are more suited to this players skills? Maybe, this player should move to a more competitive league.
    2) I also read that maybe a coach from another team who this boy decided not to play for is causing the problem. If that’s the case then it sounds like sour grapes on that coaches part. If that’s the case then he should be allowed to pitch on the team he chose.
    I’m not sure which is the real problem. If you know the answer to that then maybe you can determine what the course of action should be.

  • former coach

    Another thought:
    In wrestling they have novice tournaments and regular tournaments. It is always a problem trying to make sure experienced wrestlers do not enter novice tournaments which are meant for the inexperienced.
    In high school sometimes you will see starting varsity players (especially in football) suit up and play in junior varsity games. Is this acceptable.

  • Fballfn

    Former coach “coach” was just stating the facts. I have had the same experience of teams not wanting to play because they didnt want to get pounded. “arrogant” These 2 football teams were probably the 2 best teams in youth city league history so you can call it what you want but other teams, players and coachs knew before the game started they had 0 chance of winning let alone scoreing or in some cases even getting a 1st down. Teams like these do not come along very often so im not sure id call “coach” arrogant ,like i said hes just telling it like it is.

  • Old School

    I was always taught that you always had a chance, no matter what. Even if the other team was bigger/faster/stronger, you always had a chance. Some of those games went our way. It toughened us up for games when we were older. Eventually made us one of the best in the state.

    That being said, they should move the kid up. It would be better for the league and the kid.

  • coach

    to former coach– was it my fault that my team was that good? what should we have done,not play the starters? i coached my players to play hard to the whistle and there is nothing wrong with that no matter what level u r coaching. i know winning is not everything but does that mean that u try not to win so u dont make the other team feel bad? i have no regrets on the way i coached my boys and i know they dont either as i am still in contact with many of them.

  • Chuck Poe

    Fballfn,the best in city history?They were good but there have been some great teams in the mid to late 70′s that dominated and went on to win state championships here in Wichita (Southeast)
    I also know 1 team that never thought like that about playing that team and loved playing ‘coaches” team.

    Can’t say I know which team you r referring to though Fballfn?

    Now here is the funny part I agree with Coach about not holding kids back because others aren’t as good.I do different things to not embarrass a kid like let 2nd and 3rd team play or work on new plays . But to not let a kid play because he is better is a injustice.

  • coach

    to chuck poe–i know what team u r talking about that was always ready to play and my team always respected them for that.no matter what happened in the previous game they always believed they could win.those were some fun games and it is still fun to watch those same boys play h.s. ball.i hope they all have a great senior year and i know that many of them will be going on to play college ball.thanks for all the great memories.

  • Chuck Poe

    Your right coach,fun times and great memories. I seen 3 off that team and like 5 from your team at Nike Potential Players took me back.I think they all respect eachother and should they have all worked for it. I too hope the best for all of the Seniors , after all the years of coaching kinda makes you feel like it was worth all the time and head ache.

  • former coach

    I’m sure your team was good. I’ll stand by my statement that you sournd pretty arrogant.
    You said the teams did not play you because “they had no chance of winning or even competing.” You go on to say “I know winning is not everything but does that mean that u try not to win so u dont make the other team feel bad?” My answer to that is “yes, you try to win, and yes you do it in a way that the other team is still able to walk off the field with their dignity.” I don’t think you have any idea on how to do that.
    I have coached plenty of teams that were very talented and we still respected our opponents, did not run up the score, and treated them like we would want to be treated.
    I have also coached teams that weren’t very talented, so I know what it’s like to play teams with arrogant coaches who weren’t really that good of coaches but just have the good fortune of having the most talented athletes.
    Also, the response by Fballfn stating “These 2 football teams were probably the 2 best teams in youth city league history” probably doesnt have a grasp on city league history. What do you know about the teams Don Calhoun, Barry Sanders, Byron Sanders, Leon Edwards, Curtis McClinton, Donnie Vaughn, Larry Allen, Lacy Guice, Tracy Levy, Jeff Smith, Doug Hoppock, Artie Dillon, Steve Anderson, Leroy Leep Sr., Wes Anderson, Jim Krnish, Pat Boushka, Mike Bell, Linwood Sexton and so many others played on?

  • Chuck Poe

    Former Coach:

    I have coached a long time (23 years) but by naming those people I would say you have coached alot longer then I have and you are right there have been alot of great teams in the past.Only coaches I know from back in that time are Coach Bupp (Old Mustangs) and Coach Rowe(Old Lakers)as I stated above there are alot of great teams and players that have went through here.I keep up with the city league and I would say that Coaches team probably was the
    best in the last 10-15 years.I’m with you about not running up score but I also agree with coach that not going to have team let up,maybe work on different plays or use other players.I have had people call me Arrogant before as well but I think a good coach needs to be a little arrogant and believe he can always win.

    Coach is not as old as you or I (Old School) but I do know him and the bottom line is he is honestly in it to help kids.We all have our own ways and ideas.But I think in the end it has to be for the kids.

  • former coach

    Well said, Coach Poe.

  • Crack

    Coach, I played for SE in the good old days, you never had a chance. lol only kidding I enjoy your topic”s keep up the good work.

  • JDD5555

    Lots of comments, but no one seems to have the facts on the matter.

    A) If it’s a developmental league, then a high level player like that probably doesn’t belong in their with the “lessor talents” or kids that have never played. If the league is set up for kids, KIDS – NOT ATHLETES, BUT KIDS!!!!!! to have a chance to learn to play, develop a few fundamentals, then they should be facing someone that will dominate them in such a manner. It’s counter-productive then.

    B) If it’s a political deal, then it’s ridiculous, regardless. THEN they clearly would be sounding as if they have a beef that the kid isn’t playing for “so and so”, and now we have sour grapes.

    I think there is far too much disagreement here on a situation where no one seems to have the actual facts, only a partial side of the story ripped from a headline and newspaper that obviously didn’t go deep enough in detail to tell the entire story.

    Let’s all keep in mind, this league might not have been set up to be “competitive”. HS age kids are going to be competive, and shouldn’t be coddled as much, college athletics shouldn’t be coddled at all, but 9 year olds are a WHOLE different thing. Beating a 9 year old team beyond recognition doesn’t serve the winning OR losing team. I’ve seen far too many times on LL baseball where a jerk for a coach is circling the bases while the other team struggles to pick it up off the ground, let alone catch and throw. Mix in some station to station, make your “studs” learn to bunt guys over, or force them to hit a runner in from second, instead of taking every extra base (or two at a time) on ever passed ball when you are up 10-15 runs on a team that clearly will struggle to score, let alone win. You coaches that do that crap are IDIOTS. You aren’t teaching your team anything other than to rub it in. Some try to say “I can’t tell them to hold back”.. sure you can, so you can force another kid to come through with a runner on. It goes on in every sport.

    Just get the facts before you get riled up about something 1/2 a continent away.

  • coach

    to former coach– in the city league youth football u only play 8 minute quarters and the refs dont stop the clock very often so if the score gets ran up maybe the other team should play better defense.should i have punished my best players and not played them because the other team was that bad? they practice all week long and deserve to play on saturday.the problem with most of the other teams was poor coaching.as for all the old timers u mention i am sure they were good,i just believe that my team was the best ever in wichita history because of all the games we won outside of wichita and kansas.it is easy to go unbeaten in the city league.in 6 yrs we played 125 games and lost 7.now who else can claim that? no one can come even close and we played teams from many different states.we had 22 boys on our team so we really did not have much of a second string.most of the other teams had around 30 boys.

  • former coach

    You just don’t get it. Nobody said you “should punish your best players and not play them.” Do your best players get better by playing against inferior competion? No, but I think it strokes your ego so you can tell everyone how great your team was and by default say look at how great a coach I am.
    You also state that the problem with “most other teams was poor coaching.” Once again an arrogant statement on your part.
    Also, I don’t remember anyone asking for your record on how many teams you played from different states. But, you felt the need to tell us, didn’t you.
    You said “it is easy to go unbeaten in the city league.” So, I guess you know about all the competition from the past and you just write those teams off if they didn’t go play in Texas or Oklahoma. I’m confident that the reason you went and played in those games was not about the boys but about your ego.
    Having 22 boys on your team compared to other teams having 30 boys means absolutely nothing. If one team has 22 talented athletes and another team has 30 average or below average athletes who has the advantage.
    Keep posting because everytime you do your unbelievable ego comes through even more.
    Coach Poe get your boy in check.

  • To: Coach Old Farts

    Hey Arthur Brown played last night…

  • JD5555

    Hey “Former Coach”, how much better did the other kids get on your team? If they didn’t get to play much because the starters were so much better, then probably not much growth for them. Perhap, with only 22 players, you did use everyone, but your argument has been that you didn’t want to punish your starters by not playing them. Did you play the 18-22 kids that weren’t as good? Did you play them enough? Did you give them a chance to learn and get better? If they are in Junior Football, you better have, or you did everyone a disservice. I’m guessing that they showed up to practice just the same. You don’t seem to understand development of the “other kids” very well. It’s not all about you, your record, or your studs and starters. It’s a freaking junior team and the other kids need exposure and opportunity too!

  • former coach

    What are you talking about? I have been the one saying that it is not about winning only, or achieving a certain record. That is what “coach” seems to think. I agree that all the players need the opportunity to play and learn.
    My only goal when coaching junior football was that every player that played for me would enjoy it enough that he wanted to play again the next year.

  • Chuck Poe

    How bout that 9 yr old Baseball player?WOW…LOL
    Did anyone go to Butler game lastnight?
    I just think we all have our options and should all agree to disagree
    I know some people don’t agree with everything I always think,And I know I’m ALWAYS RIGHT!!! LOL.

    I love to win and feel winning is important but if I can change a kids life I will take a lose or 2.Took me alot of years to learn that lesson.

    I used to feel people measured me as a coach by win and loss recored and for most part they do but I coach to make a difference in kids lifes.It took a much older coach then me to make me understand the difference..


  • coach

    to former coach– i played all my players in every game.the reason my team played so many games is because my boys wanted to prove themselves against all levels of competition.is that wrong? my statement that the other teams had poor coaching is not arrogant it is just the facts.i am very proud of my team and what they accomplished and continue to accomplish.you seem to think that is wrong.i doubt you ever coached a state champion team as you say and if you did it was when they still wore leather helmets.i know my team had alot of fun over the years and we created alot of great memories and many of my players played all 6 years with the same team so apparently we were doing something right. look how many other kids at all levels jump from team to team and that is why they cant build a dominant team.

  • former coach

    You’re right I didn’t coach one state championship team, I actually coached two on the high school level. I also wasn’t an assistant, I was the head coach. It also wasn’t when they wore leather helmets, but once again you put somebody down due to your arrogance. Unlike you, I respect guys who wore leather helmets.

  • JD5555

    Should have been COACH, not Former Coach.

    Your kids didn’t need to prove themselves against “all levels”, rather if they were so good, and I’m going to conceed that they were, it should have been proven against the best talent and teams, not beat up on lessor teams. Did you play your “back-up” kids 1/2 the game? I’m going to assume they were at practices too, maybe just not as talented as the 1st string…

  • Chuck Poe

    I think you became Dominant in 7th grade when a kid named Bryce Brown transfered as you call it,lol to your team from I think the Jayhawks.You also had a few other players that made a impact that “Transferred from other team as well.Not saying anything, it all a part of good coaching but I remember Bryce back then,didn’t need much coaching,lol.

    Former coach:
    Wish I knew who you are,do I? I too am a fan of old and new coaching styles and playing styles.2 state titles Trumps anything I have done coaching at High School level.I would love to hear some stories.

  • coach

    to chuck poe– we lost 4 games in the 4 years before we had bryce brown on our team.he was a great addition but he was not the savior of our team.bryce did not need alot of coaching as u say,all we had to do was pitch him the ball.he played very little defense and we still got the job done.

  • coach

    to JD5555—- we did play the best talent and the best teams and yes we did play our backups in at least half the game and in many games non-starters would start.all our boys were at practice and if they were not they would not play.we played in the wichita city league and that meant that we played all the teams in our age group no matter how good they were.that is how the league is set up so why do u accuse us of beating up on lessor teams? should we have forfeited to avoid winning? in many games we would let several non running backs run the ball to try and avoid blow-outs.i can remember one game that 16 different kids ran the ball. we developed many football players.if u were at practice you were going to play.i knew that they were kids and that they all wanted to play and every year every player on our team scored at least once.ALL the kids on our team improved every year they played.

  • Fballfn

    Former Coach i know full well the history and have been told by some of the old timers that these were indeeed 2 of the best teams to have played youth football. 125 -7 and 114 – 14 speaks for itself.

  • Bballfan

    Jlong- “the class of the league?”

    Read the rest of that paragraph. Doesn’t sound to classy to me.