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by joanna

An oh-so-wonderful reader sent in some information on El Dorado cross country meet this weekend.

I asked him to send me some info on the invitational, and he went above and beyond what I expected. So I’m just going to run it in its entirety.

State Ranked teams present

4A Boys 4A Girls

El Dorado 7th Ranked El Dorado 7th Ranked

5A Boys 5A Girls

Bishop Carroll 2nd Ranked Bishop Carrol 2nd Ranked

KMC 3rd Ranked KMC 3rd Ranked

Emporia 5th Ranked Emporia 5th Ranked

Liberal 7th Ranked McPherson 6th Ranked

Great Bend 8th Ranked

6A Boys 6A Girls

Campus 4th Ranked Derby 6th Ranked

Junction City Bubble team

Derby Bubble team (was 7th)

Maize Bubble team (was 8th)

OTHER TEAMS PRESENT: The Varsity Races will run with ONE classification, no multiple races. JV will run the same way.

Wichita East

Wichita South

Wichita Northwest

Wichita North

Wichita Southeast


Garden City


Junction City


Sunrise Christian



State Contenders: Robbie Garcia (WNW); Jake Wike & Neil Metler (Derby); Cameron Sprague (Hutch); Adam Porter (McPherson)

Skyer Gutteriz (WSE) Kyle Glasgow (KMC), Josh Richardson (Great Bend), Channing Tate, Tre’ Doherty and Brayden Barrientez (Campus)

State Contenders: Girls (there are 2 young ladies who have separated themselves from the pack)

MacKenszie Maki, KMC transfer from Montana who has run low 15’s

Danielle Walker, Maize, only girl in the area to beat Maki this year, ran a 15 flat at SE invitational.

  • BP Fan

    I would like to say congratulations to the Belle Plaine girls cross country team who are ranked 2nd in 3A state, and also have 4 out of their 6 girls are in National Honor Society. They are doing good things in school and in their sport. (The 2 that aren’t are sophomores and you have to be at least a junior at BP to be in at NHS.) Keep up the good work!

  • jjflash2b

    Go Walker! Great girl, Great runner!!!

  • Love to run

    Thanks for posting this great Cross Counrty Competition!

  • http://varsitykansas.com PanFan

    On the Boys side, all the harriers are very good, all have a shot at winning the Boys Individual Champion, along with the X factor runner who may come out and have the race of his life! The Maki girl is very impressive, i think she has the best of her season ahead. Four meets left in the season, Local Eldorado, League, Regional, State. You could say it is the XC version of the Playoffs

  • Run Jim

    Just one small correction on the girls….Megan Ballinger, Freshman from Goddard, beat Mckenzie Maki at Rim Rock by about 16 seconds. Those three girls are a fantastic group of runners and young women. It’s a fun group to watch from our area.

  • CCScout

    Should trule be a close race on the boys side. I expect the Campus boys to walk away with it and the Maize girls to win the team title.

    INDIVIDUALLY, Walker from Maize beats Maki by 10 sec and Barrientez from Campus over Porter from Hutch by 5 sec. Xfactors are defintely Garcia from NW, Glasgow from KMC and Wike from Derby.

    Any other guesses? Let me know if Ive missed someone!

  • just me

    Barrientez from Campus is under rated he is a great runner. I agree the Campus Boys Should run away with the title. There whole team does not get alot of attention, for being ranked 4th in state. They should move up in the rankings again for they beat Lawerance and Manhattan.

  • OH YEA

    There are also a couple of other good runners for campus. Brock Nooney and CJ Manuel. They have been getting better and better each race. They are usally in the top ten or so every race.

  • G

    Circle meet today, fast and flat course. O’Connell vs. Roberts vs. Trooien-Smith preview of the 4A state championship. Belle Plaine girls vs. Clearwater girls will be a good show also.

  • OH YEA

    I think Roberts will give the Andover kid a run for his money. He is very good, but so is O’Connell.

  • Just a Thought…

    Tom O’Connell is a great runner and he will have his hands full with Roberts… BUT…the PROBLEM is not that the competition is lacking…the problem is he rarely has an opportunity to run against serious competion. His coach said in the Eagle today, “He always mentions in practice how he wishes there was more competition in meets.” His caliber of runner should be at RimRick, Ok State, or the Southern Stampede. He is good enough to win 4A state, but failing to take him to the quality meets will hurt him. Take him to tougher meets….problem solved. Im sure some booster in the district would make up the costs.

  • G

    Tom and David ran together all the way up to the end, then Tom just had a better kick and beat David. Great race to watch, nobody else was even close. Mulvane boys won easily, and Belle Plaine girls beat out Valley Center for first place.

  • Wow, Close race!

    Tom and David were fairly close, I thought David might have him this time. Only Tom from Andover and Barrientez from Campus have beaten David this year. David has been improving steadily and I felt that he would take Tom. I didnt see the race but I know Tom is a fast starter, sounds like it would have been fun to see. GOOD LUCK DAVID AND TOM…should be 1-2 at state…only other great runner in 4A would be Tony from Baldwin.

  • NAK

    Good run for the BP girls, but I was walking by their camp area yesterday after the race and over heard that they were having 6am practice today? Whats up with that, the day after a meet. Anyways, I guess that shows how dedicated they are. I like their chances of winning state this year.

  • Kick

    Not so fast… David is very good, yes, but has lost to many more than just Barrientez and O’Connell. Trooien-Smith of Mulvane and Mitch Loring of Gardner-Edgerton beat him in the first race of the season, along with O’Connell. At Rim Rock, he lost to a guy from DeSmet Jesuit (MO). However, that is still extremely impressive to me.

  • OY YEA

    Just got back from the Eldorado meet. Campus boys just dominated. They had 35 points to derbys 111.

  • mac town

    hey ccs scout porter is from McPherson and it’ll be a close race but adam is gonna will end up wining.