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By J. Long

We’ve been running basketball previews for the last two weeks. While we’ve been trying to make sure we talk about all the top players, some do slip through the cracks.

Spencer Robertson from North for example. Robertson was left out of the preview but will be a very key player for North this year. The 6-foot-4 junior has good touch around the basket and can lure opposing post players to the perimeter and knock down the triple.

Any other players out there that people might not know about?

  • jjflash2b

    I like Soph. Jalin Williams of East High. The kid can be a beast down low when he wants to be. Has a good mid-range jumper and with his size, stepping out will be a tough matchup. Still needs to work hard defensively, but definitely has a good upside to him. Plus, comes from a good basketball family. Played against his dad in High school when Billy was at South. His dad was a heck of a player and so was his mom!


    Joseph Randle of Southeast. I know its not football season but if you watch him play you can see his football toughness reflect his basketball game. He’s a rebounding machine for being just 6-1 and he can jump out of the gym. He’s more of a defensive threat than offensive but that’s what Southeast needs for him to be. This will be the year where Randle becomes a legitimate name in City League basketball.

  • bballfan

    Spencer Robertson??? Are you serious? lol

  • hoopsknowledge

    I have a hard time believing there is anyone from North to look out for this year. I like Arthur Gary from South as someone who doesn’t quite get the pub that others get but can jump out of the gym. Not sure about their coach but South could finish in that 4th spot in the CL if brown doesn’t play for Carroll.

  • BBman

    how bout the duo of Dejuan West and Arthur Gary at south. excited to see how these two take over the two leading scorers from last year. Dejuan is a Defensive guard who finishes and Arthur Gary will be a beast this year excited for souths team this year

  • B Pearson

    I think that Sam Seiwert from Kapaun Mt. Carmel is definitely the guy to look out for. He got cheated out last season because he failed out of Kapaun and had to transfer to East, but he’s back with a vengeance. He is Kapaun’s Perry Ellis. Defensively, he can block every shot that comes his way. But you also gotta watch out for him on offense–this guy can dunk from mid post. His domain is the in the paint, but watch out for his outside jumper. This guy has even been known to play point guard every now and then. At 6 foot 4, 185 lbs, this man is a beast. Watch out for his guns. If he worked half as hard at school as he did at basketball, he would be the next Tyler Hansbrough or JJ Redick.

  • T Lallemand

    I have to agree with B Pearson on his words of wisdom on Sam Seiwart. Academics held him out of being a true freshman phenom last year. Now that he has his act together he may just lead Kapaun to the city league title. He is the big time player KMC has been looking for since the late 70s. He is just an all around ball player. His game is borderline MJ. Sam is work, he is heart, he is serenity, he is sweat, he is fear and most of all he is Kapaun basketball.

  • NWBB

    Guess I need to see this seiwart kid play from kapun. Never ever heard of him before. “His game is borderline MJ”. WOW

  • NWBB

    Another thing I was wondering was, did any of these Kapun kids play in the fall league? I know they had two teams in the league

  • Kapaun Pride

    some and football

  • CLFANatic

    i agree wit bbman im anticipating the duo at south i wanna see what these boys can do… always hear bout southeast east and heights but what happens if south is mixed in the top 3… period the cL is going be good this year.

  • KapaunGuy

    I believe that after last nights game it is easy to see that Michael Martin is the kid to watch. He was the leading scorer with 18 points and is a freshmen. He lead the crusaders in the game last night. Also Dyllon Knox, is quick pace and intensity is something every coach hopes to see in a player.