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by joanna

Northwest athletic director J. Means said he visited four schools that have artificial turf football fields yesterday. Means, who’s in town with Northwest at the Topeka Invitational, went with City League athletic director Bill Faflick to check out some high school fields.

Along with Southeast AD Mark Lamb, South AD Michelle Kuhns, Heights AD Rick Wheeler, East AD Kevin Hartley, North AD Lance Deckinger, they visited Bishop Miege, SM North and SM South, and BV Northwest.

They’ve also visited:

Derby, Andover, Maize, the KC Chiefs’ practice field, several Dallas high schools and the Dallas Cowboys current and new facilities (I’d love to see the latter!).

The point has been to see as many companies of turf fields as possible.

Because of the bond issue passed in November, the seven City League schools will be getting artificial turf practice football fields, and the three schools that have game fields (South, Northwest and Heights), will have artificial turf fields.

The hope is to get this done as soon as possible, maybe even in time for the next football season, Means said.

Tennis courts could come by next school year, too. But Means pointed out that schools need to figure out where to put the new courts because of the new gymnasiums that will go in at each school except East. (Northwest will get a new practice gym.)

  • axelrod

    Great. Now the taxpayer is much poorer, but at least the bad football teams will have a nice artificial practice field to feel appreciated on.

  • Coach EM

    I think the name axelrod is perfect for you, tool!

  • Joanna

    Hey, did you guys know there’s a new reality show on VHI called Tool Academy? Sad, I do know there is.

  • Matt

    Better for us to spend it on the kids before Washington and the new tax cheat running the IRS gets their hands on it. I think this is a great thing for Wichita, it will help keep some people working in a real time of need.Not only do the kids need the upgrades, (about twenty years to late) but we have citizens who need work also.

  • http://kris.g.heithaus@spiritaero.com Kris G. Heithaus

    I think that artificial turf are very necessary. Hope to get them in quick. We needed plenty of upgrades at USD 259. Glad to see them not wasting any time.

  • Swim Mom

    I agree, Kris. And are they please going to get West a decent track? Running on cinder is the absolute worst. I have the scars on my knees to prove it. They desperately need this! I know it’s snowy today, but track is just around the corner.

  • http://www.planningyourtax.com john wander

    It would be nice to see more of this.