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March 26, 2009 @ 6:33 a.m. by Joanna

by joanna

I came home yesterday and for the first time in forever, I didn’t check e-mail until this morning. Mistake, mistake, mistake. I see that my softball discussion — I’m planning weekly discussions on each sport — has, no surprise, turned into an Independent/Mustangs/Mark Griggs discussion. Yawn. I guess since Bryce Brown has finally signed with Tennessee and the next great athlete, Blake Bell, is not working with Brian Butler as his adviser that it was inevitable that we turn to the next great heated debate. Oh, and we even got more recruiting allegations. Yawn, yawn. Proof, people. I need proof not rumor.

It’s not the greatest way to get the day started, so let me look for a positive way to open some sort of discussion. Reminder: this is merely a starting point, feel free to write what’s on your mind on this post.

Um, positive, positive, what can I find that’s positive? How about NCAA basketball tonight? My boss’ 5-year-old daughter currently is leading in her picks. Me, well, I’m there, in the mix, somewhere. At least I’m two games up on my husband. Ha! Take that! Just kidding.

I think that was positive. Anyone got anything else?

  • Trojan Dad

    I have a confession to make. Our kid was offered a free quality education, transportation to school and and it was close to home. And he only had to meet his own expectations.
    The education is public. The transportation a bus. The quality wonderful. Expectations exceeded.
    But I also am glad that there are private schools out there keeping the standards high. If a good athlete chooses one of them, I believe they have done the right thing.
    On a positive note our state colleges are shining at a national level again in basketball. GO HAWKS!

  • http://drugs-in-web.com ElematoimiJet

    Do u think that UEFA cup is to die?
    IT”S FAIL!!

  • For Pete’s Sake

    Gee Joanna, you picked the wrong day to be positive when the state is expecting 2 feet of snow. Let me see, positive things to say, oh yeah, I am glad we live in the greatest country in the world where we can voice our opinions open and freely, well under the guise of usernames of course. Great NCAA basketball on tap for the next four days as well.

  • Jim Cross

    Joanna-Check the format of the renamed KT Woodman. I know there are quite a few of your readers and writers that are avid distance fans. Most of the distance races will be Thursday Night when only their most avid supporters will be there to watch. Alot of the track people will not get to see them run. See you in two weeks.

  • 3afan

    HUGE Tennis tournament at Wichita Collegiate today! Hopefully it doesn’t get rained or snowed out. It should be a good one.

  • RikRok

    I heard Great Bend boys basketball coach is going to Gardner Edgerton.

  • Hovpen

    Wow, put his kid in with Bubba next year on the court and they could do something.