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by joanna

5:30 p.m. — I can’t believe it’s been four hours since I last posted. That’s ridiculous.

So much has happened. I mean, in the 400 boys, we had record after record after record.

Newton and Garden Plain boys have just blown me away. They’re so talented and they’re just stacked.

The City League hasn’t done much. I’ve talked to Kyle Long from Bishop Carroll who won the 300 hurdles, but that’s about it. Pretty crazy.

It’s pretty hot out here, and it’s been a little crazy trying to do interviews, watch races and then go transcribe notes and write up in the press box. If only the athletes would quit riding the elevator, that might help…..

I definitely got burned, although I’m slathered in sunscreen. I can tell you taht I’m not the only one.

OK, West Elk’s Sonny Lee didn’t repeat his three victories from last year, but he tried _ he dove across the finish line trying to win the 200. Classic. Absolutely classic.

I found time for a funnel cake with my husband today. It was like a stolen date. It lasted about 5 minutes, but it was cool.

I feel like a stalker out here. I see a kid win, I give him a couple minutes to catch his breath, follow him around while he gets water so I don’t lose him, then do a quick interview.

Taylor’s updating the blog, so he’s got lots of results.

1:20 p.m. _ The Wichita area dominated the boys 100 meters. While Goessel’s Craig Banman finished second in a tight 1A race, it was Garden Plain’s Kurt Pauly winning in 3A, Wichita Trinity’s Morgan Burns winning in 4A, Newton’s Grant Loescher winning in 5A.

But Wichita did not get a 6A 100 meters champ. East’s Oliver Bradwell finished third, while Heights’ Justin Moore was fifth.

I was surprised by Loescher’s win because I expected the Walker twins from Bonner Springs to win. But Loescher’s start was impeccable and he led the whole way.

10:55 a.m. _ I did one of those tough interviews this morning. Interviews I’d just prefer not to do.

Andover senior Monique Terry tied for second in the Class 4A pole vault with El Dorado’s Ashley Leckliter, but after the fact she was disqualified for a jewelry violation — she had a belly ring and it was reported after the competition had finished. Terry was crying next to the runway.

That’s when Andale pole vault coach Mark Schimdt walked over to her and told her that everyone knows that she really finished tied for second.

Terry answered my questions, even though it was undoubtedly tough. And that’s what’s cool. I don’t want to intrude there, but it’s part of my job. Yet she had enough poise to talk.

I’ve been blown off more times in my life than I can count, but it’s rarely by a high school athlete, whether they are state champions or not. A good reason to love this job.

9:50 a.m. – Jaimie House just set a pole vault record for the second time today. She’s still going. She’s a stud.

I love today. Everything’s a final. Lots of smiles, mixed in with tears.

9 a.m. — I’m back at the state track meet, and it’s a lovely morning, with a nice cool breeze. I’m enjoying it while I can, because I’m betting in a couple hours that it’s going to be a whole lot hotter.

We’ve got the prelims in the 100 going on right now. The girls 100s were pretty uneventful, and it looks the same with the boys, although we’re only in 2A right now.

Where will you be today? Out here? Say hi. At another state site, fill us in.

  • Hovpen

    Wichita area fans have to love the 6A Hurdle finals.



  • Hovpen

    J. I don’t care what your fans say about you, that was one heck of a physical sports section today. Great job to all involved.

  • sballrox

    Let me get this straight. Someone noticed that Monique Terry had a belly ring and rather than tell her so she could remove it, they waited until after the competition to report it so she would be disqualified? I just don’t understand that kind of behavior. In the spirit of sportsmanship, this is a perfect example of what not to do. What a disappointment!