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Sept. 23, 2009 @ 11:51 a.m. by jlong

By: J. Long

Slam Magazine released its “FRESH 10 – 2012″ and Perry Ellis is ranked No. 2. The high ranking isn’t a surprise, but I don’t know how I feel about the comment that Perry is a baby T-Mac. I know he’ll probably play on the wing in college, but Tracy McGrady? Not so sure about that comparison yet.

If you’d like to see the entire list, click here.

  • armchair qb

    If Perry can learn to shoot and increase his intensity, he will become a TMAC level of player. He is already as good an athlete, in fact he may be a better all round athlete.

  • Crack

    Needs to get alot tougher, pretty weak.

  • armchair qb

    He’s only 15 years old … watch him get stronger … he’s a hard worker

  • http://ronniemcfann.web.com EAST

    perry is not good..he need too start pumping them weight..he just tall for nothin

  • http://kansas.com topcity

    if he was not that good then how did he win a state championships

    last year then

  • thelogo44

    Here’s another rankings list. Perry on this one also.

    Scout.com’s First Look @ 2012

    No. 1 Andre Drummond
    By Dave Telep
    National Recruiting Director
    Posted Sep 1, 2009

    We’re a little old school over at Scout.com. Rankings Week kicks off with the Class of 2012. You won’t find a Top 100 list, but we’ll give you a Top 10 with a bunch of young guys to watch. Andre Drummond inserts himself into the top spot.

    Scout.com Top 10 (2012)

    Coming out of the summer, since the inception of our company in 2002, Scout.com comes out with a Top 10 rising sophomore list. If you know anything about our coverage, you understand that we are quite patient with the younger kids and aren’t into long lists of youthful players.

    Instead, we prefer to give you a glimpse into the top talents we’ve seen in the last few months, share a Top 10 list and keep everything in perspective. What you see now might not be what you see six months from now. The danger in “ranking” players at this young of an age has many layers.

    For starters, kids mature physically and emotionally at different rates. It’s never a great idea to be the top ranked kid and be physically maxed out. History has told us that’s a recipe for disaster. Another pitfall is drawing a parallel between success in a 14-and-under division and equating that to increasing effectiveness on a year-by-year basis as one ascends in competition level.

    Too often, a prospect will read his name on a list and complacency sets in. We’d like to be the first to caution against that. You should play this game because you love it not because of a desire to see a certain number next to your name. Compete each time, work on your game and offer up honest assessments of where you stand. Seek advice from the guys who came before you and help the ones behind you. That’s how you become a great player and ascend up this list.

    Over the next three years we look forward to covering this group with great anticipation. A quick glance at the top ten players reveals a few strengths in the group: centers and small forwards.

    No. 1 Andre Drummond, C/PF: Young for his age, Drummond will repeat his sophomore season and talented enough that he’s already being billed as a pillar in the USA Basketball program. If you missed him at the AAU Nationals you missed a mix of Amare Stoudemire and Dwight Howard. As it stands now, there’s little debate about the top spot.

    No. 2 Dajaun Coleman, C: This guy is a beast. Think Derrick Coleman meets Zach Randolph. Get him the ball in the paint and he hits more regularly than the corner slot machine at Ceasar’s Palace. Already impacting against older guys.

    No. 3 Isaiah Austin, C: He recently transferred to Grace Prep in Arlington, Tex. Don’t let the Kareem Abdul Jabbar goggles throw you, he’s defense first. Already 6-11, what’s not to like about this young big.

    No. 4 J.P. Tokoto, SF: He’s amongst the most skilled and productive in what should be a bumper crop of small forwards. He’s got the package on and off the court not to mention the size and skill. Competition will be great for the top wing spots and Tokoto will be pushed.

    No. 5 Amile Jefferson, SF The next big thing to come out of Philadelphia (aside from Rakeem Christmas) is this guy. He’s multi-talented and we aren’t even sure what long term position he’ll occupy. He’s got some Lamar Odom ability, a great attitude, aptitude for the game and plenty of room to grow as a prospect and player.

    No. 6 Shabazz Muhammad , SF The most accomplished of the young guys in terms of winning on the circuit and high school level. He’s got quick reflexes inside and will keep transitioning to more on the perimeter as he improves.

    No. 7 L.J. Rose, PG The early leader in terms of points, Rose has special qualities. He’s an accomplished passer and as a rising sophomore ran with the big boys on the circuit and blended right in. The state of Texas has kicked out some great home grown ones and he could tops since T.J. Ford.

    No. 8 Justin Anderson, SF He came off the bench for Montrose Christian and Boo Williams as a freshman. Chances are if you were in the building and heard a roar it was Anderson throwing down a dunk or pinning a shot on the glass. He’s instant energy and can be electric.

    No. 9 Tony Parker, C/PF We’re rooting for him to keep getting taller because if he does look out. We’re big on Zach Randolph comparisons with this class (only because of similar frames) and this kid is wide and aggressive. Needs to get more bounce inside but he’s a for sure finisher.

    No. 10 Jordan Price, G The state of Georgia rounds out the Top 10 with a guard. The Atlanta Celtics organization touts this young man and he has major game. He’s also in the toughest spot on this last as the man to be named to the Top 10. Size and athleticism will help him in his quest to keep his place.

    With every list of this kind, you inevitably leave off good players. We’ll be the first to admit we haven’t seen enough to have a great grasp on 2012 just yet. However, we’ve seen some guys you need to familiarize yourself with if you want to be a true junkie.

    2012 Watchlist (25 More To Keep An Eye On)

    Guards: J-Mychal Reese, Ladarius White, Marcus Paige, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Shaq Patterson

    Wings: Junior Lomomba, Kyle Anderson, Ricardo Ledo, T.J. Warren, Winston Sheppard, Xavier Johnson, Alex Murphy, Anthony Bennett, Ron Patterson, Rosco Allen, Raphael Davis

    Bigs: Perry Ellis, Peter Jurkin, A.J. Hammons, Brandon Ashley, Elijah Macon, Nerlens Noels, Robert Upshaw, Khem Birch, Zach Peters

  • thelogo44

    The lists all vary depending on who’s list they are. I can tell you without question Perry is way better than the number three ranked kid on this list. It’s not even close between them. But this Austin kid is ranked third! So everyone should take these scouting service rankings with a grain of salt.

  • armchair qb

    Top City must know something that Kansas, Memphis, Kansas State, Kentucky and WSU don’t know.

  • armchair qb

    I meant East, not Top City

  • kuhooper

    Perry’s on this list also:
    Rank Name HGT POS School Name
    City & State College
    1 Shabazz Muhammad
    6-3 WG Bishop Gorman
    Las Vegas, NV Arizona Arizona State Kentucky Indiana Kansas Louisville North Carolina Texas Ohio State Oklahoma UCLA UNLV USC Wake Forest

    2 Isaiah Austin
    7-00 C Grace Prep
    Arlington, TX Arizona Connecticut Duke Kentucky Florida North Carolina Texas Texas A&M UCLA

    3 Perry Ellis
    6-8 PF Wichita Heights
    Wichita, KS Arizona Connecticut Kentucky Indiana Kansas Kansas State Memphis North Carolina Texas Oklahoma UCLA

    4 DeJuan Coleman
    6-8 PF Jamesville-DeWitt
    Dewitt, NY
    5 Andre Drummond
    6-9 PF St. Thomas More
    Oakdale, CT Connecticut Duke Kentucky Georgetown Massachusetts North Carolina Rutgers Syracuse West Virginia

    6 J-Mychal Reese
    6-0 PG Bryan
    Bryan, TX Arizona Arizona State Kentucky Houston Kansas LSU Memphis New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma State Texas A&M

    7 Justin Anderson
    6-5 WF Montrose Christian
    Rockville, MD
    8 Xavier Johnson
    6-6 WF Chapparal
    Temecula, CA Arizona Arizona State California Washington Oregon State UCLA USC

    9 Wannah Bail
    6-8 WF Village School
    Houston, TX
    10 Ricardo Gathers
    6-7 PF Reserve Christian
    LaPlace, LA
    11 Kyle Anderson
    6-5 WG Catholic
    Paterson, NJ
    12 L.J. Rose
    6-2 PG Second Baptist
    Houston, TX Baylor Kentucky Memphis Texas Texas A&M UCLA USC

    13 Elijah Macon
    6-8 PF Marion Franklin
    Columbus, OH WEST VIRGINIA

    14 Ricardo Ledo
    6-5 WF St. Andrew’s
    Barrington, RI
    15 Jordan Price
    6-5 WF Columbia
    Decatur, GA Alabama Michigan Kentucky Florida Florida State Georgia Georgia Tech North Carolina UCLA

    16 J.P. Tokoto
    6-5 WF Menominee Falls
    Menominee Falls, WI Tennessee Florida State Indiana Iowa Iowa State Kansas Marquette Memphis Minnesota Texas Oregon UCLA USC Wisconsin

    17 Winston Shepard
    6-7 PF Findlay Prep
    Henderson, NV Arizona Arizona State Gonzaga Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisville Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma State Syracuse Texas A&M UCLA Wake Forest

    18 Reggie Ragland
    6-4 WF Bob Jones
    Huntsville, AL
    19 D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera
    6-3 WG North Central
    Indianapolis, IN Tennessee Kentucky Indiana Louisville Purdue

    20 Tony Parker
    6-8 PF Montrose Christian
    Rockville, MD
    21 Zach Peters
    6-9 C Prestonwood Christian
    Plano, TX Baylor Kansas Memphis New Mexico Texas Texas A&M UCLA

    22 Marcus Paige
    6-00 PG Linn-Mar
    Marion, IA Gonzaga Iowa Iowa State Kansas Minnesota New Mexico Northern Iowa Wisconsin

    23 Ismalia Dauda
    6-10 C Choice Learning Center
    Miami, FL MIAMI (FL)

    24 Khem Birch
    6-9 PF Winchendon School
    Winchendon, MA
    25 Rahmir Jefferson
    6-4 WG Chester
    Chester, PA
    26 Alex Murphy
    6-7 WF St. Mark’s
    Southborough, MA
    27 Peter Jurkin
    7-0 C United Faith Christian
    Charlotte, NC
    28 Savon Goodman
    6-5 WG New Church
    Bryn Athyn, PA
    29 Christopher Thomas
    6-3 WG Montbello
    Denver, CO
    30 Gabe York
    6-0 PG Lutheran
    Orange, CA Arizona Arizona State California Washington Oregon State UCLA USC

    31 Hanner Perea
    6-8 PF Central Park Christian
    Birmingham, AL Alabama Arkansas Tennessee Kentucky Florida Florida State Georgia Georgia Tech UAB Wake Forest

    32 Sydie London
    6-2 WG St. Augustine
    New Orleans, LA
    33 Macam Bak
    6-8 C North
    Newton, MA
    34 Willie Clayton
    6-7 WF Thomasville
    Thomasville, GA
    35 Jordan Adams
    6-2 WG Cebtral Gwinnett
    Lawrenceville, GA
    36 Clint McCullough
    6-5 WF St. James
    Lenexa, KS
    37 Nerloens Noel
    6-8 PF Everett
    Everett, MA
    38 Wesley Staten
    6-0 PG West
    Sioux City, IA IOWA STATE

    39 Brandon Ashley
    6-6 PF Bishop O’Dowd
    Oakland, CA
    40 Javan Felix
    5-11 PG St. Augustine
    New Orleans, LA

  • that guy

    someone really said he is already an all around better athlete than TMAC.

    get serious. lol

  • thelogo44

    I’m Austin kid from Texas is not very good. And he’s 2 on this list!

  • http://wichitatwolves@yahoo.com varsity1

    Take those lists and rankings with a grain of salt. Ellis is legit and should be on every and any list but i saw with my own eyes at the Jayhawk Invitational when the Kc Pump N Run 15′s played against Isaiah Austin’s Texas team, Gavin Thurman ate him alive and he is on no one’s list. Another case in point. In the class of 2011, the Jackson Tigers (Miss.) have 1 top 5 nationally ranked (Johnny O’Bryant, 6’9″) player, and 2 other top 20 (Tyler Adams 6’9″, Mychal Ammons 6’6″) nationally ranked players. Those kids looked average at best and were beaten soundly by the Wichita T-Wolves at the ’08 Kingwood Classic in Houston. I doubt seriously all 3 of those kids had a bad day at the exact same time. Some of those kids on those lists are affiliated with the “right “people who get maximun exposure out of them.

  • bb4life

    I found Gavin and Jalin on this list but it says they are from KC Mo


    Rank Player Pos. Ht/Wt Hometown (State)
    1 Perry Ellis F 6-8/210 Wichita, KS
    2 Shabazz Muhammad G/F 6-4/170 Las Vegas, NV
    3 Justin Anderson SF 6-5/210 Spotsylvania, VA
    4 Kyle Anderson PG 6-7/195 Fairview, NJ
    5 DaJuan Coleman C 6-9/260 Syracuse, NY
    6 Savon loydGoodman G/F 6-6/210 Philadelphia, PA
    7 Andre Drummond C 6-11/240 Hartford, CT
    8 Jordan Price SG 6-4/215 Conyers, GA
    9 Ricardo Gathers PF 6-7/235 LaPlace, LA
    10 LaDarius White PG 6-5/200 McComb, MS
    11 Hanner Perea PF 6-9/210 Birmingham, AL
    12 Jaran Reese PG 6-1/170 Bryan, TX
    13 Isaiah Austin C 7-0/200 Mansfield, TX
    14 Christopher Thomas SG 6-4/180 Denver, CO
    15 Winston Shepard SF 6-7/195 Houston, TX
    16 Alexander Murphy PF 6-8/195 So Kingston, RI
    17 Virgil Parker C 6-8/225 Lithonia, GA
    18 Elijah Macon PF 6-8/210 Columbus, OH
    19 Xavier Johnson SF 6-6/190 Temecula, CA
    20 Amile Jefferson SF 6-7/185 Wynnewood, PA
    21 Lynden Rose PG 6-2/175 Houston, TX
    22 Jordan Tebbutt SG 6-3/195 Tualatin, OR
    23 Ismaila Dauda C 6-11/230 Miami, FL
    24 Emmanuel Ochenje F/C 6-9/220 Carbondale, IL
    25 Nkereuwem Okoro G/F 6-4/195 Bronx, NY
    26 Brandon Ashley PF 6-8/210 Oakland, CA
    27 Omar Calhoun SG 6-3/180 Brooklyn, NY
    28 Trenell Bell SF 6-7/210 Charleston, IL
    29 Willie Clayton PF 6-8/215 Thomasville, GA
    30 Zachary Peters PF 6-9/220 Plano, TX
    31 Javan Felix PG 5-10/175 New Orleans, LA
    32 Peter Jurkin C 7-1/220 Charlotte, NC
    33 Gavin Thurman PF 6-6/190 Kansas City, MO
    111 Jalin Love G 6-1/165 Kansas City, MO

  • kansasguy

    cum on now…TMAC ?
    TMAC is TOO raw. perry good to…but no where on TMACS level