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by joanna

Track has some interesting rules that seem to go so far as to touch on every topic including how long your fingernails or nose hairs are.

I’m being facetious. But check out this story on the cross country team that lost its title because of a stitching problem. Your thoughts?

  • vbdad

    Interesting and sometimes silly rules. Our team had a girl disqualified at regionals in long jump because she had one bobby pin in her hair. An opposing coach called her on it instead of approaching her before she jumped. Too bad that we don’t let athletic ability govern. She would have made it to State. It isn’t like one bobby pin is going to be a hazard.

  • alwaysrunning

    These rules are really silly. The cross country rule this year about hair ribbons having to be of a certain length and a single color was called into action at regionals this week. Who wants to win on some stupid technicality. If it has nothing to do with the competition or advertising or an unfair/biased advantage….who cares.

  • JJFlash2b

    Pretty big word…facetious. Are we talking about facial hair restrictions on the boy’s and well… maybe the girls?

  • inthedark

    Many of the high school uniform rules are overboard. I understand taht there should be some regulations but when we start to dq someone for stitching they are getting out of control. I really think other coaches should use professional courtesy and inform other coaches when they notice a violation, we are only hurting kids when a bobby pin is DQing them. The national federation needs to get a life.

  • xcrun

    The rule about your headband can only be one color and match your hair tie is dumb!

  • JJFlash2b

    I think it should be, match your hair dye. Could be hard with some of the funky colors kids put in their hair now days!


    Nose hairs????? Egad!

  • bbfan

    I can’t believe an opposing coach would accept the trophy under those circumstances.

  • JJFlash2b

    I would! Anything to gain an advantage over your opponent eh?

  • xcrun

    I guess making your hair tie and hair band do make you look more “professional”

    but why don’t we enforce tucking in shirts??

    at meets i am shocked by how many people don’t tuck their shirts in. I do hear girls though that say the don’t so that they can roll thier shorts.

  • Ralph

    Wow. Seems kind of stupid, and not related to safety or fairness in any way. Anyone know the source of or reason for the rule?

  • Fonzie

    I love the fact that in some sports, jewelry is allowed and others not.

  • BobChi

    Yes, that one is completely silly. As Ralph says, rules that lead to this kind of drastic punishment should be ones that have to do with competitive fairness or safety. There should be some sort of technical administrative penalty for this – say an official letter of reprimand sent to the coach and principal. This in no way merits disqualification.

  • ET

    Yes, some of the rules ARE stupid, but they are rules. You should have to follow them and if you don’t you should get called on it. All the coaches should know the rules.

  • Crack

    Oh behave ET, if it weren’t for rules they wouldn’t be broken, like JR said
    ‘if there’s a will there’s a way” if you ain’t cheatin you ain’t trying, this kind of stupid crap is what is killing our country, I wish everyone would grow a pair and stand up to this stupid crap of wrong color ribbon in her hair or having a logo on a shirt or wrong color wrist bands, let’s start a movement or we’ll end up like the FRENCH.