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by joanna

We’ve got games tonight. We have league titles on the line.

We have Heights girls at Bishop Carroll, Cheney girls at Garden Plain, Collegiate girls at Hillsboro — all with league titles hanging in the balance. I love it.

So pick a game tonight and make a prediction. Then tell us why that team will win.

  • sdp0908

    Heights Lady Falcons vs. Bishop Carroll 64-57 Falcons. Simply because it is time for this group of Lady Falcons to win the CL title outright. No co-champs this year.

  • pa1010

    Cheney at GP. Cheney wins. Time to beat Gp in the league championship and this group of girls can do it.

  • cd1010

    Cheney girls at GP. Its time for Cheney to beat GP for the league title.

  • thelogo44

    Campus and Valley Center tonight!

  • Thundercat

    I know that’s right, sdp0908. Let’s start the road to the state championship tonight.

  • Spike

    Looking forward to see if Heights “brings it” tonight at BC. Don’t think I saw it at the first meeting.

  • http://yahoo.com xman

    good luck to all the team tonight

  • ol’skin

    I’ll be at the North vs SE games, but I will be rooting for the Heights girls to win state this year. Good kids and Wichita’s only real chance at winning state.

  • Wellington

    Wellington girls beat Circle tonight!

  • sdp

    I was close! Heights girls 62 – Bishop Carroll 54

  • Thundercat

    Heights vs Carroll game is one of the worst undisciplined games I’ve ever witnessed. Both teams combined for 32 turnovers on silly nonthinking plays. Both teams should be made to watch the game on film and each player run a line drill for each turnover committed.

  • falcon22

    Hell of a prediction sdp0908…I’ll let you pick ‘em all the way to state! Who needs a lottery ticket?!?!

  • Spike

    Good comment Thundercat. BC struggled mightily with turnovers in the first meeting. Turnovers are expected against the high pressure the Falcons apply. However, the Heights girls were uncharacteristically sloppy with the ball last night. Hope they get that out of their system before post season.