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OK, so here are my rankings of the teams in the area. Feel free to argue any of my selections. I’m just going off of what I’ve seen and who these team’s have played.

I would also like to give you guys a chance to give me your picks for all-metro league baseball. Be sure to fill out every position, including DH for me.

1) Northwest

2) Maize

3) Bishop Carroll

4) Goddard

5) Andover Central

6) Kapaun

7) Collegiate

8) Trinity

9) McPherson

10) Campus

  • onlooker

    How can you leave Newton off this list? They might be the top team in this area right now. Newton is hitting off the charts as a team, have two great arms, and may have the top power hitter in the state…

  • chriselliott

    onlooker- great point. It’s just a team I haven’t been able to see play or have come into contact with in my short stint here, so they’ve been kind of off my radar. Looking at their stats, they could easily be in the Top 6. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have that in mind for next week’s rankings.

  • chriselliott

    onlooker – any picks for all-metro?

  • Lovebball

    I’m confused on why Trinity Academy is one of the best teams in 4A??? Aren’t they like just 4-0 (Maxpreps says so) and that league is pretty petty except for Collegiate (Belle Plaine is 1-11)…. I realize Trinity beat Collegiate but still? They haven’t played Andale, Mulvane, El Dorado, Clearwater, or anyone else in 4A to mention.

  • onlooker

    Newton players to consider after 12 games:

    Kevin Ronen (1b) 36 at-bats .556 average, 4 doubles, 8HR’s, 34 RBI’s Slg% 1333
    Storm Marlar (OF) 32 at-bats .625 average, 9 doubles, 2HR’s, 19 RBI’s Slg% 1156
    Evan Thomas (SS) 35 at-bats .543 average, 5 doubles, 1 triple, 1 HR, 17 RBI’s Slg% 829

    Storm Marlar 3 wins, 2.40 ERA 25 strike outs
    Nathan Briar 3 wins, 1.58 ERA, 19 strike outs

    Possible Canidates:

    Mierer from Campus (Pitcher)
    Devan Brogan Winfield (pitcher)
    Drew Palmer Ark City (Outfield)
    Jared Weaver Ark City (Outfield)

  • aircav13

    I’ve seen Newton play and WOW! They can hit, and they have two really good staring pitchers. They are ahead of McPerson and Campus in their Division. Top 3 team in the State.

  • track4

    I agree with Lovebball on Trinity. They have pretty easy league schedule, with a lot of 3A teams. Their schedule won’t get tough until regionals.

  • aircav13

    I think all private schools should be in the same class as the biggest high school in their town, or have their own 7A. Four private schools in this top 10. Does anyone know if Blake Bell graduated early and is already at OU?

  • chriselliott

    loveball- Trinity is 9-1 with with wins over Collegiate (11-1) and Galena (10-4) the Top 2 3A schools according to baseball coaches association. So far it is undefeated against 4A opponents. They’ve done pretty well. Newton should definitely be in their somewhere though.

  • baeball nut

    “I think all private schools should be in the same class as the biggest high school in their town, or have their own 7A. Four private schools in this top 10. Does anyone know if Blake Bell graduated early and is already at OU?”

    no he is still attending his PRIVATE 7A high school..

  • Lovebball

    chris elliott…why do you think I care about Newton? Not from Newton…in a 4A school district that has a lot tougher teams to play than Belle Plaine or Douglass like Trinity did. But nice story you did on their team today. It almost seems this player’s quote was for me…

    “I really want to get the sweep against Carroll,” Kendall said.” It would prove things to other people that say that we haven’t beaten anybody.”

    I don’t mind eating my words and if they beat KMC then I have respect for them….and was beginning to when I read that they beat Collegiate.

    Just be careful….they were Number 1 seed in basketball substate as well….and we all know where that went.

    And I agree about the Private schools being a 7A high school and play their “like” schools. Sick of the discussion on it….and most private school bloggers are making it look like they are “chicken” to be in their own league? Saying they are being punished….PLEASE….

  • baeball nut

    private schools will be in thier own league, when the state runs out of money and athletics are cut out of public schools.

  • Lovebball

    Yep true baseball nut—THATS when most of us sports NUTS will have to move to Oklahoma or Texas where they really care about their sports programs and producing athletes in their public schools! Geez they even have Football 101 as a class you can take in high school to help their athletes out down there.

    Bet their music students don’t wear Letterjackets either!

  • chriselliott

    No Blake Bell didn’t graduate early. He just hasn’t played baseball in a couple of years.

  • fbfanatic

    How do you rank Carroll ahead of goddard? And i agree with the statement that newton should be on here.

  • crack

    Airhead, I mean Aircav and Loverball, PLEASE are you both really Airsupply and Loverboy? 7A LOL if I’m correct which I am KMC and BC play you big bad boys of the City League in every sport for years. The only ones crying are the ones that get beat by them both. 800 vs 2000 students now I know why math test are down in public schools, and before you bash me for speaking the truth I went to all levels of Public Schools. These two schools want the bigger schools to play against I can’t speak for the rest. Now whats fair about the numbers? Priceless

  • aircav13

    BCrack, I mean crack, PLEASE 800 recruited vs 2000 not recruited? Priceless for 7A private schools.
    Newton is now 13-1. Sweep of McPherson last night.

  • crack

    Airsupply, for real? You didn’t say 800 recruited, if that’s the case then its 350 boys vs 950 boys of City League get real chump shut your pie hole or you will be served.

  • baseballfan

    i think Gage Byers, Conner Knight, and Dillon Kearns all from maize, are probably the three best pitchers in the area as of rite now. Just look at what they did against Goddard last night, all three of them combined gave up 2 runs against a pretty good hitting team.

  • aircav13

    crack. come serve me then. But don’t bring any recruited private school kids!!!

  • BC#1

    We beat NW last night, your #1 on the list. Seen alot about Newton and heard they have a stud lefty pitcher. We will beat them in state though.

  • Big Lefty

    Collegiate’s Coughenhour is a no doubt for the team. He already has 6 homeruns and is hitting somewhere over 700. Don’t forget he just signed to WSU. I’m excited to see him play against some D1 players.



    Lets not get to cocky, you have to make it to state first! On any given night anyone can get beat. So unless you like CROW you might not crown yourself yet.

  • crack

    Airsupply, you truly are an airhead, I mean an IDIOT. Yore post are as lame as your game and name . End of story

  • crack

    Your, too early in the morning.

  • onlooker

    Newton vs. Bishop Carroll would be a fun match up. I think Newton swings it a little better, but Carroll may have more depth in pitching. Given their records, if they both make it to state they might match up on day two.

  • HSbballfan

    Seen a lot of HS baseball this year. Some no-doubters:

    Bob Arens- Northwest- Best defensive catcher in the area. Solid hitter.
    Zach Neilson- Carroll- Top pitcher and hits with power.
    Blake Sturgeon- Maize- Impeccable mechanics and great bat control.
    Tyler Coughenour- Collegiate- Best hitter in the area. Power, speed, and leadership. There’s a reason WSU went after him- he competes.

  • KC

    Top Pitcher in the Metro Area – Storm Marlar – Newton. and he is solid hitter.
    625 AVG 2HR 27RBI

  • All about baseball

    Campus visits Newton on Tuesday 5/7. Both clubs should be starting their 1 & 2 pitchers. Newton knocked Paramore from McPerson around last week. We’ll see what happens vs the studs from Campus.
    P.S. Storm Marlar is a very good pitcher, but seems to lose his composure. We’ll see if Campus can get him rattled.


    Campus at Newton is on Tuesday 4/6