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Park City’s Hartman Arena will play host to its first state high school championship event next February when the Class 6A and Class 5A wrestling tournaments will be in the year-old facility.

The Kansas State High School Activities Associated announced this afternoon that the tournaments will move from Intrust Bank Arena to Hartman Arena on Feb. 25-26, 2011. Class 4A returns to the Salina Bicentennial Center and Class 3-2-1A will again be in Hays’ Gross Memorial Coliseum.

  • hawkdad

    The Park City Classic moved there this year from the Pavilions and it seemed to run pretty well. It had less mat space, but it felt more comfortable. I didn’t mind the Intrust, too bad it was out of the price range.

  • Coach

    Too bad Instrust Bank Arena profited $400,000 last month and has profited each month it’s been open but felt the need to price high school athletes, who’s families paid for the arena, out of the opportunity of using it for this great State Tournament. Shame on anybody who let this happen and thank goodness the Hartman Arena bailed us out and gave us the opportunity to keep this very community profitable event in the Wichita Area.

  • bucocatfan

    Hey but Hartman has parking which Intrust didn’t! This facility will serve this group fine because it is not as well attended as the smaller classes tournaments.


    You could see this coming a mile away, it was just a matter of time. The big winners are the hotels & dinners in Park City.