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by joanna

The Top 11 football team will be released on Sunday, along with the All-Class teams for 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2-1A and 8-Man.

The All-Metro team will be released on Thursday, along with the all-league teams in the area.

Coaches, if you haven’t sent in your nominations for All-Class, please do so to jchadwick@wichitaeagle.com.

  • Oh Mama!

    When does the All-Whiner’s Team come out?

  • trackdad

    after softball is over

  • Hov

    ^^^^^U got that right :)

  • ???

    You actually put Derby football players on the All-Metro? LMAO!

  • Joanna

    ??? — I see you didn’t put this on the All-Metro post that I just put up, where I specifically said to please not dog the athletes. If you think someone was a better pick, OK. Put it out there why that person is worthy, not why someone else isn’t. Why? Because that’s the right thing to do.

  • ???

    For one it wasn’t up yet and two, I am not dogging individual players, just a team that vastly underperformed. If you and the other guy actually think that anyone on that team deserved to be all-metro than you should probably have your press passes removed. I know Call is a stud and all but come on, Derby’s “D” was worse than a CL defense (excluding Heights and BC of course).

  • kiz

    hay hay hay… be nice.. :)

  • ???

    That was nice.

  • Mr. Demographics

    The “All Metro” team is only 50% real. As proof I offer the people who pick it:

    Joanna, who desperately hopes her kids can go to Collegiate. She also felt bad about dogging on Derby when they quit at halftime at the lightning game and, of course, she can’t leave out Nance for obvious reasons.

    Then there’s Chris, who knows absolutely nothing about football but apparently loves both Derby and Collegiate. Basically, he’s just a yes man.

    The other half of the “All Metro” team are “no brainers”, as Joanna herself stated.

    Of course, the real bottom line is trolling to generate revenue from both readers and advertisers.

  • Sportsfan

    It would be a shame to over look a small school athlete like Jeremy Boyd #52, Defensive Captain from 3A State Champion Silver Lake.

    #1 in State in ALL CLASSES with 165 Tackles and 13 Sacks

    Just because our enrollment is small does not mean our heart is