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Scoring Update heading into the semifinals

1. Shawnee Heights

2. Lansing

3. Ark City

4. Andover Central

Here are a few of the semifinal area matches:

103: Javier Vieyra S South vs. Parker Howell KMC/ Dalton Dietrich Ark City vs. Zac Gentzler Andover C.

112: Quinton Harrison Newton vs. Kader Kretzer McPherson

119: Tyler Dryden KMS v.s Geof Wright BV SW

125: Tommy williams Aquinas vs. Colby Watters Ark CIty/ Aspen Kmiec Shawnee Heights vs. Jake Gentzler A Central

130: Wyatt Villers Ark City vs. James Lohman KC Turner

140: Trey Dice Ark City vs. Dustin Williams Gardner Edgerton

145: Alex Bontz Andover Central vs. Jon Hayward BV

160: Sterling Terry Ark City vs. Tyler Willis Shawnee Heights

171:Dylan Penka KMC vs. Nick Meck Shawnee Heights

189:Hugh McConnell Newton vs. Armando Alcantara Liberal

215: Justin McPhail Liberal vs. Luke Bean KMC

285: Derek Holly Shawnee Heights vs. Taylor Krier McPherson

This is my first State wrestling experience, and it’s been kind of crazy. So much going on at the same time.

Anyways right now I have the Top four teams in Class 5A.

1. Lansing 52 points

2. Ark City 51

3.Shawnee Heights 43.5

4. Andover Central 43 points

Kapaun is also competing well with 36.5 points.

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