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by joanna

Heights senior Perry Ellis is one of the hot topics of the summer across the nation because people are wondering where he’ll choose to go to college. Unlike North junior Conner Frankamp, who committed earlier this summer, Ellis plans to take five official visits.

There’s plenty of speculation where Ellis will go. And likely, that speculation will turn out to be true. Kansas, Kansas State, Duke, Kentucky, Memphis, Wichita State are all possibilities. Not that he’d need to take an official visit to hometown Wichita State, though.

But there’s been no official statements about where those visits will be. In the past few weeks, Ellis’ coach, Joe Auer, and mom, Fonda, have been taking phone calls, text messages and Direct Messages on Twitter about some of the rumors.

Again on Sunday night, Auer denied that there’s been any official decisions as to where Ellis will choose to visit. That could come soon.

Here’s my take on this:

I like how Heights has handled this with Ellis. He’s got the same national attention of recent athletes, including Blake Bell and Bryce Brown. Brown’s recruitment got a little nuts there at the end, while Bell’s was low-key from the start.

Ellis is a naturally low-key kid, and that’s how Heights has tried to keep it. But the national attention is escalating. And that won’t stop until he does make that ultimate decision.

I like the early commits, but I see no reason why an athlete shouldn’t take all his visits. Or at least take the visits until he finds the college that fits him best.

I don’t see this dragging on as a publicity stunt. I see this continuing because Ellis is going to make the right decision for him.

  • schmakey

    I would agree with you J on your take.  Perry is making the most informed decision he can possibly make and doing all the work on the up and up.  There are no “advisors” trying to get their name in the paper or trying to start a business on the Perry’s back.  It is him and his family trying to find the right fit for Perry for his abilities on the court and in the classroom  They are all handling this with tremendous class and respect, I just hope others can respect the process and let this young man make his own decision.