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By Joanna Chadwick

The All-League football teams are out, but they won’t be released unless all league teams are finished. I hope to get these up as soon as those teams are done. Look for all the All-League teams in the area, along with the All-Metro team to come out on Nov. 29 in The Eagle and online at VarsityKansas.com.

The Top 11 team and All-Class teams will come out on Dec. 2.

Congratulations to all those who made the teams!

Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail

Division II
First Team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
WR Kolton Holinde, Andover Central 6-2 180 sr.
WR Wes Phillips, Maize South 5-10 160 sr.
WR/RB Kacy Ternes, Arkansas City, 6-3 180 sr.
TE Austin Chippeaux, Goddard 6-6 180 jr.
L Conner White, Andover 6-2 226 sr.
L Zac Sander, Valley Center 6-3 293 sr.
L Derek Honeywell, Andover Central 6-2 200 sr.
L Mitch Butterfield, Maize South 5-11 230 jr.
L Jake Vang, Goddard 6-0 220 sr.
QB Riley Dowler, Arkansas City 5-11 180 sr.
RB Chase Ogden, Andover 5-10 170 sr.
RB Jesse Rogers, Maize South 5-8 190 sr.
K Toshi Hayashi, Andover, 5-10 145 sr.
P Justin Holdaway, Valley Center 6-0 210 sr.
SP Zach Lock, Andover Central 6-1 183 jr.
MVP Wes Phillips, Maize South
MVP Riley Dowler, Arkansas City
L Chad Blair, Valley Center 5-11 200 sr.
L Corbin Niemtschk, Andover Central 5-10 177 sr.
L Ty Zorn, Maize South 6-0 205 jr.
E Deeisaac Davis, Andover 6-4 245 sr.
E Aaron Cooper, Maize South 6-0 190 sr.
LB Alex Jackson, Andover 6-0 180 jr.
LB Justin Holdaway, Valley Center 6-0 210 sr.
LB Nevada Harlan, Maize South 6-0 225 sr.
B Mason Biberstein, Andover 5-10 175 sr.
B Keaton Canaday, Valley Center 5-10 190 sr.
B Kacy Ternes, Arkansas City 6-3 190 sr.
B DeSean Washington, Maize South 5-9 155 jr.
MVP Nevada Harlan, Maize South 6-0 225 sr.
Coach of the Year—Mike Lee, Andover.
Second team
QB—Collin Nevil, Goddard, sr. Running back—Alex Olson, Andover, sr.; Tyler Tracy, Arkansas City, jr.; Devin Bultmann, Goddard, sr. Line—Jerad Rogers, Andover, sr.; Clayton Swanson, Arkansas City, sr.; Matt McGrew, Arkansas City, sr.; Tanner Young, Eisenhower, sr.; Gabe Barcenas, Maize South, sr. Wide receiver—Miles Starks, Andover, jr.; Jacob Richardson, Eisenhower, sr. Tight end—Dallas Bruner, Andover, sr.; Dylan Cox, Arkansas City, sr. Kicker—Andy Galliher, Maize South, so. Punter—Dalton Rodd, Andover Central, sr. Special teams—Toshi Hayashi, Andover, sr.; Jacob Richardson, Eisenhower, sr.
Line—Conner White, Andover, sr.; Noah Harkness, Andover, sr.; Jake Murdock, Maize South, sr.; Mason Swann, Goddard, sr. End—Marcus Banks, Arkansas City, sr.; Mason Allen, Eisenhower, sr. Linebacker—Blake Haley, Arkansas City, so.; Kade Kanelakos, Arkansas City, sr.; Kier Stamp, Andover Central, jr.; David Cash, Eisenhower, jr.; Beau Fisher, Goddard, jr. Back—Miles Starks, Andover, jr.; Zach Schulte, Andover Central, sr.; Trevor Hughes, Eisenhower, sr.; Wes Phillips, Maize South, sr.; Dane King, Goddard, sr.; Chance Brandt, Goddard, sr.
Honorable mention
Offense—Blake Meier, Andover Central, jr.; Trey Douglas, Goddard, sr.; Cooper Nichols, Andover, jr.; Alex Orth, Maize South, sr.; Drake Mahan, Maize South, sr.
Defense—Dylan Cox, Arkansas City, sr.; Austin McCormick, Maize South, sr.; Brandon Girrens, Goddard, sr.; Logan Borovetz, Andover, sr.; Jon Elliot, Valley Center, sr.; Tyler Sutherland, Arkansas City, sr.
Division III
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
WR Keaton Sorenson, McPherson 6-4 195 sr.
WR Nolan Smith, Mulvane 6-0 170 sr.
WR Bret Waddell, Rose Hill 6-5 190 jr.
TE Alex Evans, Mulvane 6-0 180 sr.
L Nick Meitier, Buhler 5-9 200 jr.
L Colin French, McPherson 6-2 265 sr.
L Jaelon Barnes, McPherson 6-4 255 sr.
L Taylor Flinn, Mulvane 6-1 200 sr.
L Cody Walther, Rose Hill 6-3 260 sr.
QB Ty Redington, Mulvane 6-1 170 sr.
RB Riley Allen, Buhler 6-0 165 jr.
RB Austin O’Bannon, McPherson 5-10 190 sr.
K Austin Dinkel, Rose Hill 6-0 155 sr.
P TJ Slade, Rose Hill 5-11 165 sr.
SP Riley Allen, Buhler, 6-0 165 sr.
MVP Ty Redington, Mulvane
L Jake Gehring, Buhler 5-10 155 sr.
L Collin French, McPherson 6-2 265 sr.
L Cornelius Ukena, Mulvane 5-8 225 sr.
E Brandon Keeler, Buhler 6-0 205 sr.
E Keaton Sorenson, McPherson 6-4 190 sr.
LB Travis Steenson, McPherson 6-1 191 sr.
LB Aaron Elsasser, McPherson 5-11 195 sr.
LB Cole Williams, Mulvane 5-9 170 sr.
B Marcus Houghton, McPherson 6-1 180 sr.
B Collin Harvey, McPherson, 5-10 160 jr.
B Kolby Fennewald, Mulvane 6-1 180 sr.
B Bret Waddell, Rose Hill 6-5 190 jr.
MVP Kolby Fennewald, Mulvane
Coach of the Year—Dave Fennewald, Mulvane
Second team
QB—Kyler Kinnamon, McPherson, so. Running back—Dalton Clark, McPherson, sr.; Jonny Pearson, Rose Hill, sr. Wide receiver—Trevon Crain, El Dorado, sr.; Marcus Houghton, McPherson, sr. Tight end—Brandon Keeler, Buhler, sr. Line—Jess Neufeld, Buhler, sr.; Garrett Larson, McPherson, jr.; Isiah Evans, Mulvane, jr.; Michael Cleveland, Rose Hill, sr.; Trevor Richardson, Winfield, sr. Punter—Will Adler, Winfield, so. Special teams—Nolan Smith, Mulvane, sr.; Logan Mays, Winfield, jr.
Line—Garrett Larson, McPherson, jr.; Nick Christian, Mulvane, sr.; Michael Cleveland, Rose Hill, jr. End—Jarrett Price, Mulvane, sr.; Trevor Richardson, Winfield, sr. Linebacker—Josh Goertzen, Buhler, sr.; Wyatt Clark, Rose Hill, sr.; Travis Allender, Winfield, sr. Back—Joe Schmidt, Buhler, sr.; Travis House, El Dorado, jr.; Tanner Hamilton, McPherson, sr.; Colton Mays, Rose Hill, sr.; Aubrey Herlocker, Winfield, jr. Kicker—Ty Redington, Mulvane, sr.
Honorable mention
QB—Luke Berblinger, Buhler, jr.; Travis House, El Dorado, jr.; TJ Slade, Rose Hill, sr. Running back—Heath Davidson, Buhler, so.; Michael Mason, Mulvane, jr.; Garrett Forsberg, Rose Hill, jr.; Jordan Johnson, Winfield, jr. Wide receiver—Collin Dempsey, Mulvane, jr.; Logan Mays, Winfield, jr. Tight end—James Mowery, McPherson, sr.; Wyatt Clark, Rose Hill, sr. Line—Josh Goertzen, Buhler, sr.; Quent Gould, Buhler, sr.; Quentin Cluster, El Dorado, sr.; Marcus Walker, El Dorado, sr.; Avery Goering, McPherson, sr.; Jace Caldwell, Mulvane, sr.; Connor Campbell, Rose Hill, sr.; Eli Muldrow, Winfield, jr. Punter—Will Perry, Buhler, sr.; Travis House, El Dorado, jr.; Kyler Kinnamon, McPherson, so. Special teams—Colton Mays, Rose Hill, sr.
Line—Henry Hickert, Buhler, jr.; Rayne Curtis, Rose Hill, sr.; Josh Horn, Winfield, sr.; Eli Muldrow, Winfield, jr. End—Colton Regier, Buhler, sr.; Trevor Crain, El Dorado, sr.; Zach Haynes, Mulvane, sr.; Connor Campbell, Rose Hill, sr. Linebacker—Heath Davidson, Buhler, so.; Matt Harvey, El Dorado, jr.; Dalton Clark, McPherson, sr.; Tanner Cusick, Mulvane, sr.; Sean Crawford, Mulvane, sr.; Logan Gardner, Rose Hill, jr.; Sam Camp, Winfield, jr. Back—Cole Reinhardt, El Dorado, sr.; Shane Sullivan, Mulvane, jr.; Austin Sands, Mulvane, sr.; Owen Zimmerman, Rose Hill, jr.; Kendall Gard, Winfield, sr. Kicker—Will Perry, Buhler, sr.; Marcus Houghton, McPherson, sr.
Division IV
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
WR John Becker, Clearwater
WR Alex Weiss, Wellington
WR Markus Phox, Collegiate
TE Ben Seiler, Andale
TE Colin Frickey, Clearwater
L Trevor Bugner, Andale
L Adam Shackelford, Andale
L Austin Lloyd, Wellington
L Hunter Cusick, Collegiate
L Mitch Copeland, Collegiate
QB Landon Root, Collegiate
RB Dakota Vaughn, Clearwater
RB Isaiah Franklin, Collegiate
P Max Moxley, Collegiate
SP—Hunter Knoblauch, Andale
MVP Markus Phox, Collegiate
L Kyle Armstrong, Andale
L Dakota Vaughn, Clearwater
L Hunter Cusick, Collegiate
E Colin Frickey, Clearwater
E Noah Wolff, Wellington
LB Jake Brand, Andale
LB Levi Eck, Andale
LB Trynt Dunnegan, Clearwater
B Tyler Bugner, Andale
B Markus Phox, Collegiate
B John Becker, Clearwater
B Chad Reibenspies, Clearwater
K Max Moxley, Collegiate
MVP Jake Brand, Andale
Coach of the year—Mike Gehrer, Collegiate
Second team
QB—Jared Smarsh, Andale. Wide receiver—Connor Hurst, Augusta; Greg Frost, Clearwater. Tight end—Stewart Dennison, Circle. Line—Luke Sankey, Andale; Caleb Laubhan, Augusta; Joe Cordell, Clearwater; Alex Smith, Clearwater; Noah Wolff, Wellington. Running back—Jake May, Andale. Punter—Trae Goken, Augusta.
Line—Mike Maus, Andale; Colby Willis, Augusta; Mitch Copeland, Collegiate. Linebacker—Austin Lloyd, Wellington; Seth Carder, Collegiate; Houston Cusick, Collegiate. End—Ben Seiler, Andale; Roy Chen, Augusta. Back—Hayden Forsythe, Clearwater; Tristan Finch, Augusta; Connor Fleming, Collegiate; Nick Becker, Wellington. Kicker—Nikolaj Nielson, Clearwater.
Honorable mention
QB—Chad Reibenspies, Clearwater; Trevor Nance, Wellington. Wide receiver—Tyler Bugner, Andale. Line—Drew Daharsh, Circle. Running back—Gabe Probst, Andale; Trynt Dunnegan, Clearwater; Nick Becker, Wellington. Punter—Trevor Nance, Wellington; Jared Smarsh, Andale.
Line—Jordan Moore, Circle; Michael Layton, Clearwater. Linebacker—Drake Fox, Circle; Drew Terwort, Clearwater; Gabe Probst, Andale; Devin Roth, Clearwater; Kyler Ehm, Circle; Ian Stallbaumer, Wellington; Karsten Barragree, Collegiate. End—Brett Lukert, Clearwater; Stewart Dennison, Circle; Andrew Linnebur, Wellington; Dominic Bergkamp, Andale. Back—Austin Campbell, Clearwater; Kevin McCue, Wellington; Hunter Knoblauch, Andale.
Central Kansas League
North Division
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
WR Holden Hendricks, Smoky Valley
WR Shaq Thiessen, Hillsboro
WR Evan Ollenburger, Hillsboro
L Weston Loder, Smoky Valley
L Nathan Unruh, Hillsboro
L Dylan Jirak, Hillsboro
L Jerry Black, Halstead
L Jed Dierkson, Sterling
QB Tyler Proffitt, Hillsboro
RB Curtis Carlson, Smoky Valley
RB Tyrell Thiessen, Hillsboro
RB Jonah McKee, Halstead
K Jesse Brown, Hillsboro
P Austin Maxwell, Sterling
SP Shaq Thiessen, Hillsboro
L Mark Klassen, Smoky Valley
L Nathan Unruh, Hillsboro
L Timothy Glassco, Halstead
L Jed Dierkson, Sterling
LB Spencer Bird, Smoky Valley
LB Tanner Jones, Hillsboro
LB Austin Maxwell, Sterling
LB Adrian Lange, Lyons
DB Kyle Ryan, Smoky Valley
DB Evan Ollenburger, Hillsboro
DB Shaq Thiessen, Hillsboro
DB Riley Gaylon, Sterling
Honorable mention
Line—Cody Hopkins, Smoky Valley; David Loucks, Halstead; Hunter Hewitt, Sterling. Running back—Cory Armendriaz, Halstead; Alex Thibault, Halstead. QB—Ethan Loder, Smoky Valley; Riley Gaylon, Sterling. Wide receiver—Luis Rascon, Lyons; Grady Kirkhart, Lyons.
Line—Tanner Stallings, Sterling; Daniel Cline, Lyons. Linebacker—Tyrell Thiessen, Hillsboro; Lucas Sinclair, Hillsboro; Joseph Meyers, Halstead; Blake Beckett, Halstead. Back—Mason Weiss, Smoky Valley; Elijah McKee, Halstead; Ryan McClure, Lyons; Lucas Padilla, Lyons.
South Division
First team
Pos. Name, school
L Cade Hawver, Nickerson
L Jarod Gilmore, Pratt
L Taylor White, Pratt
L Austin Eikleberry, Haven
L Bryan Medina, Hesston
RB Ryan Shadler, Hesston
RB Sean Rodriguez, Nickerson
RB Trea Regier, Haven
QB Skylar Dean, Pratt
WR Chance Gehrer, Hesston
WR Tyler Owens, Nickerson
WR Shawn Ramos, Pratt
K Drew Trollope, Kingman
P Robbie Eggleston, Pratt
SP Trea Regier, Haven
First team
L Austin Massey, Kingman
L Austin Gates, Pratt
L Bryan Medina, Hesston
L Isaac Ensz, Haven
LB Ryan Boroughs, Kingman
LB Tyler Owen, Nickerson
LB Jarod Gilmore, Pratt
LB Zach Hendrixson, Haven
B Nick Meng, Kingman
B Ryan Shadler, Hesston
B Skylar Dean, Pratt
B Sean Rodriguez, Nickerson
Honorable mention
Line—Nate Haitt, Nickerson; Hagan Kaufman, Nickerson; Brett Forshee, Pratt; Justin Weve, Haven; Ryan Ybarra, Kingman; Nathan Wilson, Kingman; Austin Taylor, Kingman. Running back—Braxton Bangert, Kingman; Zach Anderson, Kingman; Isaac Warman, Nickerson; Anthony Cannata, Pratt; Austin Fritzemeier, Haven. QB—Wyatt McKinney, Hesston. Wide receiver—Jalen Karber, Nickerson; Jake Steverson, Nickerson. Kicker—Tim Hendrixson, Haven.
Line—Chance Gehrer, Hesston; Shawn Davis, Hesston; Austin Godsberry, Nickerson; Robbie Eggleston, Pratt; Remington Fry, Nickerson. Linebacker—John Birch, Hesston; Merek Barber, Hesston. Back—Jalen Karber, Nickerson; Isaac Warman, Nickerson; Mitchell Baird, Pratt; Cody Crabtree, Haven.

Central Plains League
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
TE Nick Schumacher, Garden Plain 6-3 205 Sr.
WR Trevor Copenhaver, Chaparral 6-1 155 Sr.
WR Chad Harbour-Nordahl, Cheney 5-9 165 Sr.
WR Trey Williams, Independent 5-10 160 Sr.
L Ryan Willms, Belle Plaine 5-11 235 Sr.
L Clay Wilcox, Chaparral 6-2 305 Sr.
L Gabe Schomacker, Cheney 6-4 285, Sr.
L Derek Martin, Conway Springs 5-10 205 Sr.
L Tyler Puetz, Garden Plain 6-0 245 Sr.
QB Zack Duwe, Chaparral 5-11 160 Sr.
RB Tanner Wood, Conway Springs 6-5 240 Sr.
RB Denver Doyle, Garden Plain 6-1 205 Sr.
RB Tyler Burns, Trinity Academy 5-11 200 So.
K Levi Bond, Conway Springs 6-0 225 Sr.
MVP: Tanner Wood, Conway Springs
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
L Clay Wilcox, Chaparral 62 303 Sr.
L Gabe Schomacker, Cheney 6-4 285 Sr.
L Clayton Hufford, Cheney 6-1 290 Sr.
L Derek Martin, Conway Springs 5-10 205 Sr.
L Tyler Puetz, Garden Plain 6-0 245 Sr.
LB Tanner Wood, Conway Springs 6-5 240 Sr.
LB Carl Leahy, Conway Springs 6-1 205 Sr.
LB Denver Doyle, Garden Plain 6-0 205 Sr.
LB Joe Bauer, Garden Plain 6-0 230 Sr.
DB Chad Harbour-Nordhal, Cheney 5-9 165, Sr.
DB Ryan Pauly, Conway Springs 6-0 150 Sr.
DB Dylan Clark, Garden Plain 6-0 180 Sr.
DB Trey Williams, Independent 5-10 160 Sr.
P Nick Thimmesch, Garden Plain 6-3 295 Jr.
MVP: Tanner Wood, Conway Springs
Second team
Tight end—J.J. Poulos, sr., Trinity Academy. Receiver — D.J. Green, sr., Trinity Academy; Shawn Nulik, so., Chaparral; Michael Panek, sr., Garden Plain; Major Weiss, sr., Chaparral. Line — Joe Bauer, sr., Garden Plain; Patrick Hurd, sr., Bluestem; Matt Medrano, sr., Independent; Grant Meyerhoff, sr., Trinity; Ethan Roth, jr., Conway Springs. Quarterback —Caleb Arnold, jr., Garden Plain. Running back — Brady Bodine, jr., Conway Springs; Drew Chadic, jr., Douglass; Dylan Clark, sr., Garden Plain; Brice Dean, sr., Independent; Tommy Hill, sr., Cheney; Cooper Price, jr., Cheney. Kicker—Ryan Miller, sr., Trinity Academy; Troy Puetz, so., Garden Plain.
Line — Erik Hansen, jr., Trinity Academy; Patrick Hurd, sr., Bluestem; Travis Simon, sr., Garden Plain; Tyler Small, sr., Medicine Lodge; Ryan Willms, sr., Belle Plaine. Linebacker— Ethan Balestracci, jr., Garden Plain; Chase Curl, jr., Belle Plaine; Layne Higgins, sr., Cheney; Tommy Hill, sr., Cheney; Carter McCausland, jr., Independent. Defensive back — Tim Bugner, sr., Garden Plain; Miles Craig, sr., Cheney; DJ Green, sr., Trinity Academy; Shawn Nulik, so., Chaparral. Punter—Josh Muckenthaler, sr., Bluestem.
Honorable mention
Tight end — Kevin Jarvis, sr., Independent; Jackson Taylor, jr., Douglass; Travis Wood, so., Conway Springs. Receiver — Tim Bugner, sr., Garden Plain; Nathan Leibham, sr., Medicine Lodge; Adam Wolfe, jr., Bluestem. Line— Hunter Ackerman, sr., Douglass; Scott Angell, jr., Medicine Lodge; Thomas Berntsen, so., Conway Springs; Levi Bond, sr., Conway Springs; Sebastian Brown, sr., Belle Plaine; Connor Hicks, jr., Cheney; Josh Neises, sr., Conway Springs; Travis Simon, sr., Garden Plain; Tevin Walker, Chaparral; Tanner Wulf, sr., Cheney. Quarterback—Matt Jones, so., Trinity; Matt Loveland, sr., Independent. Kicker — Matt Loveland, sr., Independent; Justin Struble, sr., Chaparral.
Line — Hunter Ackerman, sr., Douglass; Nick Broyles, sr., Douglass; Kevin Jarvis, sr., Independent; Austin Johnson, sr., Belle Plaine; Wyatt Lehner, jr., Garden Plain; Matt Medrano, sr., Independent; Josh Neises, sr., Conway Springs; Nick Thimmesch, jr., Garden Plain; Tanner Wulf, sr., Cheney. Linebacker—Lueke Anderson, sr., Independent; Brady Bodine, jr., Conway Springs; Conner Dickey, jr., Chaparral; Layne Dobler, sr., Trinity; Bret Elsen, jr., Bluestem; Lakin Leibst, sr., Medicine Lodge; Cooper Minnick, so., Bluestem. Defensive back—Chase Banister, jr., Douglass; Turner Bielman, sr., Cheney; Brice Dean, sr., Independent; Zack Duwe, sr., Chaparral; Dakota Finstad, jr., Conway Springs; Quay Hervey, sr., Belle Plaine; Austin Hoheisel, sr., Garden Plain; John Stiger, so., Bluestem; Caleb Throop, sr., Belle Plaine. Punter—Logan Bertholf, sr., Medicine Lodge; Cody Holthaus, jr., Douglass; Matt Loveland, sr., Independent; Ryan Miller, sr., Trinity.


Heart of America League
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
WR Kaleb Whitehair, Ell-Saline 6-1 185 sr.
WR Logan Thompson, Sedgwick 6-3 230 sr.
TE Heath Thornhill, Bennington 6-3 165 jr.
TE Ross Armstrong, Ell-Saline 6-1 180 sr.
L Alex Ropp, Inman 6-4 181, sr.
L Morgan Wheeler, Marion 6-2 230 jr.
L Will Johnson, Remington 5-11 260
L Ivan Wood, Sedgwick 5-8 220 sr.
L Trey Tucker, Sedgwick 6-0 205 jr.
L Zac Klaers, Hutch Trinity 5-11 210 sr.
QB Zach Fief, Bennington 5-10 170 sr.
RB Toby Omli, Ell-Saline 5-10 175 sr.
RB Josh Miller, Inman 5-7 155 sr.
RB Dalton Brandt, Sedgwick 5-9 180 jr.
First team
Pos. Name, school Ht. Wt. Yr.
L Hunter Brooks, Ell-Saline 5-9 210 sr.
L John Nordquist, Marion 6-0 198 jr.
L Ivan Wood, Sedgwick 5-8 220 sr.
L Christian Teufel, Sedgwick 5-9 190 jr.
L Jerome Miller, Hutch Trinity 6-6- 260 jr.
LB Justin Miller, Ell-Saline 5-11 180 jr.
LB Spencer Fugitt, Marion 6-0 222 sr.
Lb Dalton Brandt, Sedgwick 5-9 185 jr.
LB Logan Thompson, Sedgwick 6-3 23- sr.
B Zach Fief, Bennington 5-10 170 sr.
B Lucas Bass, Ell-Saline 6-1 160 sr.
B Tyler Cottam, Inman 5-11 154 jr.
B James Jones, Marion 6-3 186 jr.
B Drake Standefer, Sedgwick 5-8 145 sr.
P Jared Winter, Ell-Saline 5-10 210 sr.
K Grif Case, Marion 6-1 182 jr.
R Tyler Cottam, Inman 5-11 154 jr.
Second team
QB—Garrett Walker, Ell-Saline, sr.; Taylor Heidebrecht, Marion, jr. Running back—Brody Carroll, Marion, sr.; Kyle Regier, Remington, sr.; Nathan Eisenbarth, Hutch Trinity, sr.; Elias Jasso-Cardenas, Hutch Trinity, so. Wide receiver—Jacob Harper, Marion, sr. Tight end—Kyle Huxman, Moundridge, jr. Line—Logan Stegman, Bennington, jr.; Hunter Brooks, Ell-Saline, sr.; Evan Morrical, Ell-Saline, so.; Wade Moore, Inman, sr.; Josh Hermes, Hutch Trinity, sr.; Jerome Miller, Hutch Trinity, jr.
Line—Jacob Arnold, Bennington, sr.; Evan Morrical, Ell-Saline, so.; Ross Armstrong, Ell-Saline, sr.; Alex Ropp, Inman, sr.; Garrett Higgins, Moundridge, jr.; Will Johnson, Remington, sr.; Terry Longbine, Sedgwick, jr. Linebacker—Jake Stewart, Bennington, sr.; Cody Seiler, Inman, sr.; Matt Castor, Moundridge, jr.; Kyle Regier, Remington, sr.; Joe Hale, Hutch Trinity, so. Back—Kaleb Whitehair, Ell-Saline, sr.; Dalyn Anderson, Sedgwick, sr. Punter—Dalyn Anderson, Sedgwick, sr. Kicker—Spencer Truman, Hutch Trinity, jr. Returns—Brody Carroll, Marion, sr.
Honorable mention
Running back—B.J. Glanton, Bennington, jr. Offensive line—Jon Corn, Inman, sr.; Isaac Baldwin, Marion, sr. Defensive line—Trevor Unruh, Canton-Galva, jr.; Dalton Rodriguez, Hutch Trinity, sr. Linebacker—Toby Omli, Ell-Saline, sr.; Daniel Ratzlaff, Moundridge, sr.; Eli Igo, Remington, jr.; Greer Chandler, Sedgwick, jr.
South Central Border League
First team
Pos. Name, School, Yr.
B Austin Mettling, Central, sr.
B Austin Showman, South Haven, sr.
B Michael Propst, Udall, sr.
B Gage Burkes, Oxford sr.
B Lane Cully, South Haven sr.
B Barret Simon, Flinthills, sr.
E Alec Webster, Caldwell, sr.
E Trae Gillespie, West Elk, sr.
E Hunter Ray, South Haven, sr.
L Colton Whaley, Caldwell, sr.
L Zach Koppelman, Central, sr.
L Jonnie Skinner, South Haven, sr.
L Richie Goble, South Haven, jr.
P Alex Jones, Oxford, sr.
SP Nick Monjure, Elk Valley, sr.
B Kasey Biddle, Central, sr.
B Justin Harris, South Haven, sr.
B Michael Hinnen, Flinthills, sr.
LB Lane Cully, South Haven, sr.
LB Austin Showman, South Haven, sr.
LB Austin Mettling, Central, sr.
LB Brett Magner, Central, sr.
LB Hunter Kistler, Udall, so.
L Colton Whaley, Caldwell, sr.
L Bryant Lawson, Central, sr.
L Austin Filtingberger, Sedan, sr.
L Jonnie Skinner, South Haven, sr.
K Paul Norenberg, Udall, jr.
Honorable mention
Defensive back—Gary Palmer, Oxford, sr.; Hunter Gaddie, Argonia, sr. Linebacker—Garrett Thompson, Argonia, sr.; Tant Lee, Caldwell, sr.; Nick Kimple, Sedan, sr.; Nick Jacobs, West Elk, sr.; Colt Gordon, West Elk, jr; Jacody Bratcher, Cedar Vale-Dexter, So. Defensive line—Kaleb Dickerson, Argonia, sr.; Elijah Smith, West Elk, jr.; Tylor Kistler, Udall, jr. Kicker—Garrett Kennedy, Oxford, sr. Punter—Carson Jennings, West Elk, jr. Special teams—Daelyn Haskins, Oxford, so.

  • ictfbfan

    It looks like you are missing a couple of linemen from the second team CPL all-league offense.  Matt Medrano of Wichita Independent and Grant Meyerhoff of Wichita Trinity also were second-team all league offensive linemen.