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By Joanna Chadwick

While the 2012 Top 11 team and the All-Class teams will appear in full in Sunday’s Wichita Eagle and online at VarsityKansas.com, here is the Top 11 team. The Top 11 team had its photo shoot and banquet today, and it was so enjoyable. I do love this time of year.

There are so many talented athletes in the state of Kansas, but I do believe these were the best 11. Congratulations to all who were chosen!

Bishop Carroll’s Zach Befort

Topeka’s Will Geary

Scott City’s Drew Kite

Bishop Carroll’s Zeke Palmer

Olathe South’s Braden Smith

Lawrence Free State’s Cody Stanclift

Shawnee Mission West’s Brett Sterbach

Lawrence’s Brad Strauss

Holton’s Trent Tanking

Conway Springs’ Tanner Wood

Gardner-Edgerton’s Trae Wrench

  • kansas1984

    I cant congratulate this list. Aside from the the Trae Wrench, Tanner Wood Zeke Palmer are you serious? Someone please explain the justification for these selections.

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  • kssportsfan

    I’m curious on how the best receiver in the state does not get selected to the top 11?

  • ksprepfbcom

    Drew Kite shaved his Mohawk off!

  • 2012football

    What about the State’s top tackler according to Max Preps?

  • gnikiv

    I can’t say I know anything about these kids on the list but congratulations.  The arrogance of people truly amaze me.  I am sure Kansas 1984 is just jealous that his team did not get on here.  Unless he knows something about these kids, just congratulate or just shut up.  There is not a better tight end in the state than the Kite kid.  Best hands you will see for a TE and has great speed for a 6’5″ kid.  He also a pretty good blocking one too.  I don’t know if he will go on to play college football or basketball but put 30lbs on that kid and he is a force and talent at a D1 level in my opinion.  

  • gnikiv

     Your idea of who the best receiver is an opinion of yours and apparently not the people that picked these guys.  You have your right to your opinion, it just doesn’t matter. :)

  • gnikiv

     Your point is?

  • 2012fan

    What? according to max-preps the #1 rusher is not on this list.

  • kssportsfan

    True that…I was looking at a tight end who out performed all receivers in the state. But your correct, my opinion is only that. Regardless I congratulate all the players for their accomplishments. :)

  • edarghtfif

    What?  according to Maxpreps, I’m not on the list.  OMG. 

  • edarghtfif

     Numbers mean nothing at all if that is what you are referring to when you say outperformed.  The Kite kid that I had several opportunities to watch is the smoothest TE you will see with numbers not as good as some but with hands as soft as can be and speed to match his hands. Oh, and he can block.   He has the potential to be a big force in college football if he chooses to go the football route.  It all depends on the system you play in and the other players on your team that dictate a lot of your numbers. 

  • kssportsfan

    I meant blocking, ability to get open, soft hands, yac, ability to fend of tacklers….all the above.

  • edarghtfif

     Well, the kid may be very good, and may be going on to play ball somewhere, but I guess he must have been overlooked.  From what I have seen Kite is my first pick too, but not sure who your kid is that you are referring so I can’t and won’t make a comment on him.

  • kssportsfan

    Alex Evans is the player I was referring to. Anyways I’ll end this convo with a congrats to the players and good luck to them in their future :)

  • Whatever84

    I saw the Scott City Beavers play and would say there was much more deserving players on that team than Drew Kite.  I am glad they honor the players but honor the ones that truly are All-State players.

  • edarghtfif

     And how many times did you see Scott play?  There may have been but this is who they chose.  Who would you have picked? 

  • bdaddy

    So you do or you don’t think Zeke and Tanner Wood should be on this team.

  • kansas1984


  • kansas1984

     I don’t have to do anything you little fairy. Your adamant defense of little boys and their physical attributes makes me think you’re a little suspect.

  • kansas1984

     We got it Drew Kite is your boyfriend. But bottomline Scott can’t beat the Sisters of the Poor

  • Whatever84

    The O’Neil brothers

  • edarghtfif

     Well, they are pretty good too.  I would have to agree but there is only so much room on here and I think their coach understands that.  I have heard many things about the oldest O’Neil kid and how smart he is.  They say that anyone that gets this kid in whether it be football or basketball will get one of the smartest kids they have ever had.  The kid must be amazing.  I heard the young one is going to be a stud.  Just too young to make the top 11 though.