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By Joanna Chadwick

We’ve had the discussion on Twitter about the best student sections, and I’ve heard from so many touting their fans as being the best. But who really is the best?

Let’s find out.

VarsityKansas.com will have a Best Student Section Contest. Your job is to videotape your student section doing whatever it is you do best (a signature cheer, you’re loud, awesome skit) and edit into your video someone telling us why your student section is the best.

You’ve got three minutes of video. Upload it to YouTube and e-mail the link to me at jchadwick@wichitaeagle.com and we will put it up on VarsityKansas.com. We’re even considering taking the top 20 — or some large group — to an arena and having a challenge, with a fabulous prize. Wouldn’t that be sweet? More info definitely to come.

But I need you to get to video taping your student section with a deadline of Jan. 15, 2013. That gives you a little more than a month.

I know there’s some amazing student sections around, but this gives you a chance to show everyone how awesome you truly are.


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