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Joanna begins the new year (well at least the second day of the new year) with the first chat of 2013

  • JJFlash

    b007…congrat’s on boot’in one out and down the road! Where’s my cake? I feel like I’m entitled to that since I didn’t get an invite…hahaha! Just one more to go. Heard you looked good in your attire!
    Looks like the Maize Lady Eagles get two shaken not stirred games vs BV North and Olathe Northwest…finally taking some risks!

  • b007

    Jay Jay!  Yes quite the party and I’m kinda sick of cake right now, wow, to much sugar! In the future you will be there as well, some advise, follow the rules of the 3 S’, sit down, shut up, and Smile…haha, it realy works, I’m not going to tell you who gave me that advise…LOL. Oh and right the check.  Of course the 3 S’ won’t work if your at a soccer game and yes it’s time the comp comes to town. I have some thoughts on this that I will pass on to you later,  the zoo and ring master need to push the limit starting right now, a few are hitting it at this time but they need to be ready.   They want their Cake and eat it too!