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By Joanna Chadwick

Here’s some brackets of area boys midseason basketball tournaments. The ones listed with no schedules are the brackets I currently do not have. I’ll update as I go along.

This is one of my favorite times of the season. I’ll be heading to Dodge City, which should be a good tournament. Where will you be?


Area boys midseason basketball tournaments
Monday—Sedgwick vs. SE-Saline, 6 p.m.; Canton-Galva vs. Bennington, 7:30. Tuesday—Rock Creek vs. St. John’s Military, 6 p.m.; Ell-Saline vs. Wichita Homeschool, 7:30. Thursday—Sedgwick-SE-Saline loser vs. Canton-Galva-Bennington loser, 3 p.m.; Rock Creek-St. John’s Military loser vs. Ell-Saline-Wichita Homeschool loser, 4:30; Rock Creek-St. John’s military winner vs. Ell-Saline-Wichita Homeschool winner, 6; Sedgwick-SE-Saline winner vs. Canton-Galva-Bennington winner, 7:30. Friday—Seventh place, 3 p.m.; fifth place, 4:30; third place, 6; championship, 7 :30.
Wednesday—Arkansas City vs. Kingman, 6 p.m.; Wellington vs. Clearwater, 8. Thursday—Belle Plaine vs. Mulvane, 6 p.m.; Chaparral vs. Conway Springs, 8. Friday—Wellington-Clearwater loser vs. Ark City-Kingman loser, 3 p.m.; Chaparral-Conway Springs loser vs. Belle Plaine-Mulvane loser, 4:30; Wellington-Clearwater winner vs. Ark City-Kingman winner, 6:30; Chaparral-Conway Springs winner vs. Belle Plaine-Mulvane winner, 8. Saturday—Seventh place, 1 p.m.; fifth place, 2:30; third place, 4:30; championship, 6.
Tuesday—Pratt Skyline vs. Attica, 3:30; Stafford vs. Kinsley, 5; Wichita North sophomores vs. South Barber, 6:30; Norwich vs. Cunningham, 8. Friday—Stafford-Kinsley loser vs. Wichita North sophomores-South Barber loser, 3:30 p.m.; Norwich-Cunningham loser vs. Skyline-Attica loser, 5; Norwich-Cunningham winner vs. Skyline-Attica winner, 6:30; Stafford-Kinsley winner vs. Wichita North sophomores-South Barber winner, 8. Saturday—Seventh place, 3 p.m.; fifth place, 4:30; third place, 6; championship, 7:30.
Dodge City
Thursday—Buhler vs. Wichita North, 2 p.m.; Wichita South vs. SM South, 3:30; Scott City vs. Derby, 7; Newton vs. Dodge City, 8:30. Friday—Scott City-Derby loser vs. Buhler-North loser, 2; Wichita South-SM South loser vs. Newton-Dodge City loser, 3:30; Scott City-Derby winner vs. Buhler-North winner, 7; Wichita South-SM South winner vs. Newton-Dodge City winner, 8:30. Saturday—Seventh place, 1 p.m.; fifth place, 2:30; third place, 4; championship, 6.
El Dorado
Thursday—Great Bend vs. Collegiate, 4 p.m.; Gardner-Edgerton vs. Trinity Academy, 5:45; Campus vs. El Dorado, 7:15; Circle vs. Kapaun, 8:45. Friday—Gardner-Edgerton-Trinity loser vs. Campus-El Dorado loser, 3 p.m.; Great Bend-Collegiate loser vs. Circle-Kapaun loser, 4:30; Great Bend-Collegiate winner vs. Circle-Kapaun winner, 6:15; Gardner-Edgerton-Trinity Academy winner vs. Campus-El Dorado winner, 7:45. Saturday—Seventh place, 1:30; fifth place, 3; third place, 4:45; championship, 6:30.
Monday—Douglass vs. Andale, 6 p.m.; Garden Plain vs. Haven, 7:30. Tuesday—Halstead vs. Moundridge, 6 p.m.; Rose Hill vs. Cheney, 7:30. Thursday—Douglass-Andale loser vs. Garden Plain-Haven loser, 6 p.m.; Halstead-Moundridge loser vs. Rose Hill-Cheney loser, 7:30. Friday—Douglass-Andale winner vs. Garden Plain-Haven winner, 6 p.m.; Halstead-Moundridge winner vs. Rose Hill-Cheney winner, 7:30. Saturday—Seventh place, 2 p.m.; fifth place, 3:30; third place 6; championship, 8.
Monday—Thomas More Prep vs. Holcomb, 3 p.m.; Riley County vs. Hesston, 8. Tuesday—Goodland vs. Wamego, 3; Hillsboro vs. Republic County, 6:30. Thursday—Thomas More Prep-Holcomb loser vs. Riley County-Hesston loser, 3 p.m.; Hillsboro-Republic County loser vs. Goodland-Wamego loser, 4:45. Friday—Thomas More Prep-Holcomb winner vs. Riley County-Hesston winner, 6:30; Hillsboro-Republic County winner vs. Goodland-Wamego winner, 8. Saturday—Seventh place, 1 p.m.; fifth place, 1; third place, 4:30; championship, 8.
Thursday—BV West vs. Manhattan, 3 p.m.; Maize vs. SM East, 4:45; Hutchinson vs. Wichita Heights, 6:30; Lawrence Free State vs. McPherson, 8:15. Friday—BV West-Manhattan loser vs. Maize-SM East loser, 3 p.m.; Hutchinson-Heights loser vs. Free State-McPherson, 4:45; BV West-Manhattan winner vs. Maize-SM East winner, 6:30; Hutchinson-Heights winner vs. Free State-McPherson winner, 8:15. Saturday—Seventh place, 1:30 p.m.; fifth place, 3:30; third place, 5:30; championship, 7:30.
South Central Border League
Spring Hill
St. John
St. Thomas Aquinas
Thursday—SM Northwest vs. Grandview, Mo., 3 p.m.; Washburn Rural vs. Bishop Miege, 4:45; KC (Mo.) East vs. St. Thomas Aquinas, 6:30; Bishop Carroll vs. Ray-Pec, Mo., 8. Friday—SM Northwest-Grandview loser vs. Washburn Rural-Miege loser, 3 p.m.; Carroll-Ray-Pec loser vs. KC East-Aquinas loser, 4:45; SM Northwest-Grandview winner vs. Washburn Rural-Miege winner, 6:30 p.m.; Carroll-Ray-Pec winner vs. KC East-Aquinas winner, 8. Saturday—Seventh place, 11 a.m.; fifth place, 12:30; third place, 2:15; championship, 4.
Topeka West
Valley Center
Thursday—Olathe Northwest vs. Topeka Seaman, 3:15 p.m.; Junction City vs. Garden City, 5; KC Turner vs. BV Northwest, 6:45; Valley Center vs. Wichita Northwest, 8:30. Friday—Olathe Northwest-Topeka Seaman loser vs. Junction City-Garden City loser, 3:15 p.m.; Valley Center-Wichita Northwest loser vs. KC Turner-BV Northwest, 5; Olathe Northwest-Topeka Seaman winner vs. Junction City-Garden City winner, 6:45; Valley Center-Wichita Northwest winner vs. KC Turner-BV Northwest winner, 8:30. Saturday—Seventh place 2 p.m.; fifth place, 3:45; third place, 5:30; championship, 7:15.
Area girls midseason tournaments
Monday—Hesston vs. Holcomb, 4:45 p.m.; Riley County vs. Wamego, 6:30. Tuesday—Goodland vs. Republic County, 4:45 p.m.; Thomas More Prep vs. Hillsboro, 8. Thursday—Hesston-Holcomb loser vs. Thomas More Prep-Hillsboro loser, 4:45; Hesston-Holcomb winner vs. Thomas More Prep-Hillsboro winner, 8. Friday—Riley County-Wamego loser vs. Goodland-Republic County loser, 3 p.m.; Riley County-Wamego winner vs. Goodland-Republic County winner, 6:30. Saturday—Seventh place, 11:30 a.m.; fifth place, 11:30; third place, 2:45 p.m.; championship, 6:15.


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