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By Joanna Chadwick

Collegiate senior Markus Phox returned to Wichita late Sunday afternoon after a football recruiting visit to Princeton, tired from traveling but excited about his future.

He’s got options for college with Princeton and Davidson in the mix, along with walk-on offers from Tulsa and Kansas State.

But his basketball season, a chance to battle for a Class 4A title, is over. He broke a bone in his left foot during a game at Andale last Tuesday, ending his season.

“It’s disappointing ┬ábecause you don’t see it coming,” Phox said. “It would have been difficult when the season was over, but to have it happen like that ….”

Phox said he shot a runner in the lane and landed on an Andale player’s foot. Phox thought he had rolled his ankle and even went back into the game. But after the game when he took his shoes off and compared his feet, it was clearly obvious that the left side of his foot was badly swollen. He had an X-ray and will have surgery on Monday.

It’s an injury that he’ll be able to recover fully from, and it hasn’t affected his recruitment.

As for football, he’s mainly considering Princeton and Davidson, looking at possible careers in engineering and business. But while he appreciates the offers to walk on, he said, “I’m glad to have that to fall back on. But I think every high school athlete wants to go somewhere that they want you as much as you want them.”


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