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By Joanna Chadwick

There was a week during the 2012 football season when I was just a little above 50 percent in my picks. It was just that kind of week. Losses that you just didn’t see coming.

Well, I feel we’re experiencing something similar in boys basketball this season.

Take the win by Circle over McPherson (45-44) last night. Tell me: Who saw that coming? McPherson just won its own tournament, getting very good wins in that tourney, including over previously unbeaten SM East (53-40). And then Mac loses to Circle, a team that now has two wins and has eight losses by double-digits?

At least five people contacted me through Twitter, text or Facebook about whether that was the right score last night.

That’s not the only crazy, inconsistent thing about the season.

Take a look in the City League. This season we’ve seen West beat Carroll (64-48, Jan. 11), Carroll beat Northwest (66-45, Tuesday), Northwest beat Kapaun (52-50, Jan. 11), Heights beat Northwest (57-47, Dec. 14), Kapaun beat Heights (58-31, Tuesday), North beat Kapaun (75-44, Dec. 11), West beat North (79-67, without Conner Frankamp Tuesday).

Glad I’m not making predictions on games. My winning percentage would be awful.


  • JJFlash

    That is crazy! Don’t have Hov try to figure it out, he’s still trying to figure out the Girls BB rankings.

  • JJFlash

    Whats even crazier is how much “Madness” will be going on during March! #1 Duke getting blown up by #25 Miami 90-63, #9 Butler getting beat by LaSalle and #17 Creighton losing to Drake! GO SHOCKERS!!!
    Many a bracket will be ripped to shreads this year!