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By Joanna Chadwick

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to recognize all the spring sports athletes. You can count on The Wichita Eagle and VarsityKansas.com bringing you weekly notebooks for soccer, softball, baseball and track. There will be features, game coverage for all spring sports throughout the year.

E-mail me at jchadwick@wichitaeagle.com with any story suggestions or games you think are important to be covered.

During football and basketball season, I sent out congratulations tweets to top performers. I was able to do that because I could count on the majority of games being played on the same night, with most coaches calling in box scores.

With spring sports, so many games are played at a variety of times on most nights. But again, I want to recognize the top athletes.

So what I need you to do is tweet @joannachadwick on Twitter — or e-mail me or message me on Facebook (Joanna Chadwick VarsityKansas) — with the top performers from a game or a week. I’ll pick a day, probably Monday or Tuesday each week, where I’ll tweet out congratulations about these top performers. Be sure to include any stats or what you think was amazing about the athlete or team’s performance. The congrats tweet with the most RTs will win a VarsityKansas.com T-shirt.

All right, you got all that? Tweet me, e-mail me, message me on FB with the top performers. Get them in to me by Sunday each week and then I’ll send out my congrats tweets. Any questions? Contact me.

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